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Make Learning a Part of Everyday Work

A study conducted by LinkedIn Learning shows that 94% of employees would stay longer at a company that invested in their career development. Clearly, workplace learning is highly valued by this generation of professionals, and as such, employers need to respond by providing everyday work learning opportunities to staff. Try to talk about the importance of learning with your team, schedule learning tasks and time into the daily routine, share what you’ve learned, and benefits of everyday workplace learning.

Learning is Everything 🍎

When learning and development (L&D) is applied to the workplace everyone’s experience is enriched. Continuous learning in the workplace is a great way to enrich your employees’ work experience and improve their productivity and performance on the job.

Learning Topics & Themes for Employees ⭐️

It is extremely important to ensure that your workplace is a positive and uplifting environment. One way to do so is to acknowledge common Learning and Development topics and themes that you can bring into your own team.

Learning & Development: The Recipe for Success ⭐️

To help with the challenge of creating successful and impactful Learning & Development programs every time, we have gathered a list of the main ingredients for the L&D recipe for success!

6 Learning and Development Trends for 2022

This past year in 2021, we have seen how Learning and Development (L&D) programming has had to continue to adapt to an ever-changing work environment. The best way to get ahead is to look at the projected trends for this year and make any adjustments to your current programming as needed.

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