Successful Slack Promotions 📣

Successful Slack Promotions 📣

A successful promotion determines a successful event. Slack is a great platform to promote future events over email as every department communicates through Slack. Whether it is formal or casual, it is crucial for the Slack promotion to be simple and short. Here are some ways you can write an effective Slack announcement. 

Keep it casual 😀

Messages should be quick to read and easy to understand. You don't need to explain a story but rather where, when, what, and how. 

Short sentences

Writing long sentences will make people ignore your message. If there's a short way to convey your message, that's your best option. This makes it easier for employees to understand

Casual language

The goal is to understand the message, not be informed. Most employees use a more casual method of communication as this comes off as friendly. Using casual language can employees understand faster. 


Greeting should be simple and quick. Since this is a casual conversation theres no need for a professional greeting. An example would be “Hey  👋….” consider the promotion to be a text rather than an email. 

Use of gifs

Gifs are a great way to get attention. The moving picture will grab attention when scrolling and can get the message across. An example would be using gifs for anniversaries, birthdays or celebrations. However, using too many can be a distraction. Knowing when to use it and how is important. 

Making action items stand out 🤩

It is proven that using visual representation creates higher engagement and helps with memory. Emojis can attract users to view your post, and using them as bullet points will help improve your post. 

Another way is by using bolded text, strikethrough, indents, underlines, and more. Why stick to just the regular text, by using different formats you can guide the viewers to focus on the important areas. 

Prompt an action 💪🏼

When sending a message, make sure there's an action item for people to use. This could be to create a calendar event or submit their RSVP. Having an announcement with no call to action will result in less engagement as many people will forget to add the event to their calendar. Automating the small tasks will ensure a better turnaround. 

Cautions 😬

Sending it to the right channel is crucial for your announcement to get any level of traction. Putting it into a super busy chat can sometimes get lost in the chat. It is better to create a separate channel for important announcements to ensure everyone got the message. 

Knowing when to send is also important. Avoid Fridays, afternoons, and busy times at your company. The key time is when the company is slightly busy or getting started. Mornings or mid-day are great for announcements. 

Final product  🌟

Put it all together to create the best announcement. Slack is a great way to get the message out as employees tend not to use their emails. Knowing how to make a proper announcement is important to get the message across. 

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