Make Learning a Part of Everyday Work

Make Learning a Part of Everyday Work

A study conducted by LinkedIn Learning shows that 94% of employees would stay longer at a company that invested in their career development. Clearly, workplace learning is highly valued by this generation of professionals, and as such, employers need to respond by providing everyday work learning opportunities to staff.

1. Talk about the importance of learning with your team

  • Let your team know you understand the value of workplace learning.
  • Come together and discuss topics of interest and make a plan to help your team learn what matters to them.

2. Schedule learning tasks and time into the daily routine

  • Encourage your team to sign up for informative newsletters. Prepare a list of credible sources that are specific to your industry.
  • Ensure your team schedules pockets of time for learning. It can be as short as 10 minutes to read an article. This will add up over time!

3. Share what you’ve learned

  • Create opportunities for your team to present learnings to the rest of the staff and spread the knowledge!
  • Schedule a recurring time slot during team meetings to share a PowerPoint presentation or a well-paced Petcha Kucha Presentation.
  • Create a discussion board or channel to share ideas, upcoming workshops, and other learnings.

4. Benefits of everyday workplace learning

  • Learning increases capability, confidence, and self-efficacy.
  • Employees who gain more skills on the job can grow within the company. So instead of hiring for the skills you want, your team can grow into roles.
  • Professional development is an essential driver of long-term employee engagement.

Try implementing these tips in your organization to increase everyday work learning and development. And reap the benefits of a more engaged and informed workforce.

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