Return to Office with Epoch 💼

Return to Office with Epoch 💼

As Covid restrictions ease, employers have been asking workers to return to office (RTO). While there is a push to get employees back in the office, it is important to understand each company's culture and build a unique approach. Every company has a different company culture, employees, managers, and as such, RTO should be customized to each company carefully. This will ensure the company approaches the difficult decision carefully and balances  employee needs with business needs.

The problem with RTO 😞

RTO is hard to implement as many employees wish to work from home. No one likes to commute, sitting in traffic is a huge waste of time and draining for many employees. According to Convoy’s At Work Report, 50% of employees cite a long or costly commute as a deal breaker for returning to work. For others, the added flexibility of the hybrid work model drastically changes their work-life balance. 

Solution 🤔

A soft launch of RTO can jump-start the shift. RTO cannot be done overnight, as many employees are comfortable working from home. A quick change will discourage employees, and impact engagement while increasing the turnover rate. A soft launch or hybrid work can remind employees about in-person engagement, communication, and teamwork. 

Reminding employees of the office culture, and benefits can drastically improve people wanting to return to the office. Creating meaningful connections beyond work makes employees want to come to work. While this process is hard, a slow approach to showing the importance of working in the office can drastically change people's perspectives. Check out Epoch’s RTO Guide for more tips on creating an equitable return to office experience.

Epoch and RTO 💙

Fun activities and events can jumpstart the return to office movement. Company culture and activities can help remind employees of the company's benefits. These events will start to attract work-from-home employees to return to the office as they also want to experience fun activities. 

Creating a sense of FOMO for employees who are not in the office will start to shift employee perspectives away from WFH to RTO. One of the core reasons why employees don't want to return to the office is the lack of communication and relationships. These events can help employees buildrelationships with other employees. 

Epoch streamlines company events and employee experience. With our built-in SlackBot, you can ensure that employees will get notified to attend company events. Company events drive the employee experience, increasing productivity and connection with the organization’s culture and among employees. Epoch can help streamline the event planning process. Book a demo today!

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