Why You Need an Employee Experience Platform by Jan 1 📈

Why You Need an Employee Experience Platform by Jan 1 📈

Workplaces are going through major changes and People Teams are barely holding everything together. With the recession, retention issues, and RTO, People Teams are overwhelmed with HR work as well as employee engagement. Companies should invest in tools that can help make life easier and complete tasks faster. 

Why you should invest in an Employee Experience Platform 💸

Money is on the line

At many companies, the fourth quarter is when the new year’s budget is approved. During the yearly budget, it is important to advocate for a bigger budget that can help with funding new tools. Having unspent money by the end of the year can negatively impact funding as the unspent amount will be subtracted from the 2023 budget. If you have an unspent amount the company will think you asked for too much. Advocating for a higher budget is sometimes hard but crucial for a growing business. Some ways to advocate for a higher budget is by creating a step-by-step plan on the goal, reviewing the past budget, forecast the needs and prepare the data/funds required for the next year. Showing all the future plans and backing it up with data will create a better foundation when asking for new funding. This will help leader realize the needs as well as know where the money is being spent. 

Time to set goals and plans

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on the goals that were met, and which ones weren't. Looking back into the year can help companies understand where to focus as the new year starts. The end of the year is a great time to focus on creating a new plan that can boost employee morale, engagement, communication, and more. This strategic planning can help the following year become more successful

Plan out events early

By having an employee engagement platform adapted early into the year, you can preplan all the events for the following months from special celebrations like black history month, pride month, Asian heritage month, and more. This will give employees insight into all the plans that are occurring. Doing so can allow managers to preplan deadlines to match with company events, ensuring employees are able to participate in company events and boosting engagement, communication, and productivity. 

Evolve your employee experience practices

Remote and hybrid work has made it harder for employees to engage with each other. This has impacted employee health, engagement, and communication. Without the in-person aspect, the company faces hard times to host events, activities, and good gestures. However, this has opened the gates to new methods of employee engagement and activities while being virtual. You can read up on how to host hybrid events here. 

Employee engagement software can help better communicate with employees, coworkers, and managers so that everyone stays connected with the organization while increasing company culture.  

Let Epoch help you streamline all the important tasks for your next event. Crucial steps like an invitation, communication, registration, and confirmation are all handled by Epoch both easier and faster. Company events drive the employee experience, increasing productivity and connection with the organization’s culture and among employees. Epoch can help streamline the event planning process. Book a demo today!

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