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Take employee experience to the next level. Create, manage, promote, and measure your internal programs all in one place.

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Everything you need to run impactful employee programs

Foster community and inclusion

Make it accessible for everyone to participate in your company culture and employee experience.

Centralize events and programs

Automate workflows for creating, scheduling, and promoting events all in one place.

Measure progress and impact

Capture employee engagement metrics and segment data based on teams and regions.

"Being able to understand reporting has helped us make better decisions on how we invest in programs from a time and resourcing perspective."

Ashley Frabasilio, Employee Engagement Manager at Asana

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What our customers are saying

“Epoch has created a new level of ease for all the behind the scene planning that goes into designing an engaging employee event. They put intentionality at the forefront of their platform which empowers employees to easily sign up and interact with their communities!”

Ashley Frabasilio

Employee Engagement Manager

“As an avid Epoch user, it is simple and easy to build, track, and report on an employee program or event. You can announce and survey seamlessly with employees on a single system! The support team at Epoch is also amazing to work with and always has an answer for our questions. Our employees love it!”

Vanessa Lee

National Events & Catering Manager


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