Epoch for Slack 💙

Epoch for Slack 💙

Slack ☎️

Slack is used by leading organizations to foster faster communication across employees. Channels allow teams to communicate and find information about any topic in one centralized place (channel examples: #product-questions, #gratitude, etc).

What is Epoch? 🤔

Epoch is an employee engagement platform used by people teams at Reddit, Asana and more. Any internal event like workshops, all hands, holiday celebration - that need email, Slack announcements and reminders, to calendaring and reporting - it is all centralized on Epoch. On top of impactful engagement and feedback analytics, Epoch provides a simple way to communicate and promote events to your workforce through Slack, helping events reach employees where they prefer to receive messages.

Leveraging Slack to Drive Culture 📈

Slack can be a powerful tool to drive engagement for employee events. An effective strategy begins with structured Slack channels to drive awareness to employee programming.

Teams that foster connection by region are most effective using city/state channels (eg. #chicago). Organizations will also benefit from having team channels (eg. #sales) and ERG channels (eg. #women-of-epoch) that enable people to find events based on more specific interests. 

These channels are great places to foster community and reach your intended audience with important announcements.

Epoch + Slack: A Match Made For People & Communications Leaders 🤝

Epoch is an essential Slack application for people and internal communications leaders at Instacart, Datadog, and other culture-forward organizations.

Marrying Epoch with Slack takes a best-of-breed approach in communications management for events - enabling teams to automate invitations, notificiations, and feedback surveys to employees directly within their Slack.

Customer Results 💙

Epoch streamlines company events and drives engagement. With our built-in SlackBot, you can ensure that employees will get notified and attend company events. Leveraging Slack communities we enable teams to automate promotions and invitations for events to their intended audiences. 

Slack teams using Epoch have seen positive impacts in event engagement while reducing time spent managing & promoting events by over 70%. Udemy used Epoch to scale their inclusive culture, driving 89% participation, and Modus Create succesfully scaled a global events program across 15 timezones.

Increase productivity and connection among employees through company culture. Epoch can help streamline your event planning process. Book a demo today!

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