Six Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day

Six Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day

In 1975, the United Nations designated International Women’s Day (IWD) as an official holiday. This day serves to honor women’s accomplishments in social, political, and cultural spheres globally, while also drawing attention to the ongoing inequalities faced by many women.

 Here are several ways to celebrate this meaningful day and contribute to its significance. 

1. Send a message of appreciation to your women peers, colleagues, or family members

Life moves fast, often causing us to overlook those who have supported us through challenges, shared wisdom, or helped when we’ve fallen short. This International Women’s Day, pause to express gratitude to the women who have made a difference in your life. Acknowledge the contributions they’ve made to your life while recognizing they too are striving to achieve their aspirations. 

2. Wear Purple

Encourage your coworkers to wear purple attire or ribbons on International Women’s Day. Purple symbolizes strength, power, justice, and dignity. This simple gesture is a meaningful way to show support and can also create a memorable photo opportunity. Consider taking a team photo or video to share on your company’s social media page. 

3. Host a learning session 

Host and invite employees to a pre-International Women’s Day learning session. This session will educate employees about the day’s importance and demonstrate recognition and support for women in your organization. 

Organizing a free and optional learning session can serve as an accessible entry point for those wanting to engage but unsure how. Consider sourcing discussion videos for a hybrid workplace or inviting a panel for a live Q&A session to explore International Women's Day’s mission. Sign up for the International Women’s Day Summit 2024 here or a virtual International Women’s day Celebration here!

4. Decorate the office 

Get your employees in a celebratory spirit by decorating your office in purple, one of the colors of International Women’s Day. Place inspirational posters around the space, add purple balloons to tables, or create a mood board. Consider hosting a gathering the night before to create these decorations as a team-building activity. 

5. Host a women's history trivia game

Host a trivia event to engage, learn, and have fun with your team. Use this link here to book your trivia game. This activity is designed for teams interested in celebrating women’s history and enjoying a trivia game. It’s perfect for friendly competition within your team or with other departments and is suitable for teams with a basic understanding of U.S. pop culture. 

6. Support women-owned businesses 

Support women-owned businesses by holding a popup at the office, sending gifts to employees, or catering lunches from women-owned businesses. Send women-founded brand gifts from Goody or visit your local women-owned business around your community to empower businesswomen! 

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