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How Modus Create used Epoch to build a global community across 15 timezones



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Excessive manual labor

“It was a lot of manual work. After numerous spreadsheets, Google Forms, surveys, missed Slack messages and calendar invites, I knew we needed to find a more scalable way to reach employees,” says Fio Montero, Employee Engagement Manager.

For Fio and Modus Create, surveying employees and understanding their needs is always a priority. However, it became clear that manually sending surveys, calendar invites, and Slack announcements was not effective to reach employees.

Tool and notification-fatigued employees

As the company scaled globally, it became difficult to ensure employees knew what was available to them, and connect them in a meaningful way. 

Modus Create offers a lot of internal events and programs through community groups, ERGs and learning initiatives. Employees were excited by the offerings, but often didn’t know when they were happening or what was available. Simply put, employees were tool- and notification-fatigued.

Difficulty raising awareness for events

“Employees wanted to engage, and that was exciting. But it got crazy. I would forget to send announcements on Slack and Calendar for events because there was so much going on. From ideating, creating, promoting, and facilitating events, it became a lot to do manually,” says Fio. Employees did not know where to discover communications and events anymore.

It became a company priority for Modus Create and Fio to improve how employees experience their culture.

So they turned to Epoch.


“Epoch gave me a whole new perspective on how we could deliver internal communications, surveys and events,” says Fio.

Gathering feedback and data is core to Modus’ data-driven culture, and for Fio, employee engagement needed to be data-driven. 

After rolling out Epoch, Modus saw a huge increase in:

  1. Engagement
  2. Internal communications discovery
  3. Survey completion

With Epoch, Fio can now pre-schedule internal communications to employees on channels they’re active on, while taking into account different time zones of when folks are online.

Empowering teams’ with full ownership and visibility of their internal events

With the launch of Epoch, Modus’ teams across ERGs, community groups, and even on a team-level are eager to put on more internal events and programs to connect with each other. 

With folks across 54 countries, Fio and other folks now have full visibility on what’s available and happening across the company.


More capacity to be strategic

Fio can now focus on looking forward, without being bogged down by manual tasks. Now that Fio has internal communications automated for targeted audiences and optimal timezones, she has the capacity to be strategic.

“With Epoch, I now have time and capacity to plan for inclusive and engaging programs, outside of the status quo. The needs of employees have completely shifted over the past two years, and now I can be strategic on how to address the new landscape,” says Fio.

Increase in DEI programs

Fio is excited to support and enable Learning & Development and DEI programs across Modus Create. This has been a strong demand from employees, and it’s exciting to see employees increasingly engage seamlessly with the internal communications and initiatives pushed out from Epoch.

Delivering programs on a global scale

“The metrics and data from Epoch has been huge for us in meeting employees where they are,” says Fio. 

With insights from Epoch on which timezones and teams are interested in what programs, and which communications are sticking, Fio and her teams are able to deliver programs on a global scale in a data-driven way.

Fio and her team are excited to continue connecting employees across 54 countries with robust internal events, such as workshops, L&D initiatives, DEI programs and more!

“With Epoch, I now have time and capacity to plan for inclusive and engaging programs, outside of the status quo."

Fio Montero

Employee Engagement Manager at Modus Create

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