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How Udemy used Epoch to scale their inclusive culture to 89% participation



positive event sentiment



of participants felt events were personalized to them


days to launch


Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 213,000 courses and 62 million students. They offer courses on programming, marketing, data science and more.



Global hubs



Udemy faced challenges with their centralized calendar system and the limited control over event scheduling and editing. The Workplace team had to manage the company-wide calendar, causing delays and inefficiencies for other teams, such as ERGs, who had to rely on them for scheduling and editing. This resulted in unnecessary back-and-forth communication and hindered timely event planning.

With a wide range of programs and events related to DEI, learning & development, workshops, and social activities, Udemy employees were eager to participate but found it difficult to discover and access these opportunities. The existing calendar system was cluttered and not well-known, leading to missed events.

The Udemy team ultimately wanted to solve for 2 things: 

  1. Give easy access to employees to find and discover relevant events and programs
  2. Empower internal event organizers to have a streamlined, easy-to-use system to schedule, announce, communicate, and track analytics for their programs


Udemy aimed to provide easy access for employees to discover relevant events and empower internal event organizers with a streamlined system. They sought a solution that would allow organizers to schedule, announce, communicate, and track analytics for their programs effectively. After exploring various options, Udemy found Epoch to be the ideal solution that aligned with their needs. Epoch offered the capabilities to empower event and program organizers, enabling them to create, streamline, and measure initiatives efficiently, while ensuring a user-friendly experience.

Epoch proved to be a comprehensive solution for Udemy, addressing various aspects of their needs. By integrating with Slack, Calendar, G-Suite, and Zoom, Epoch met employees in their flow of work, making it convenient for them to access and engage with events. Yvonne Jacob, Manager, Workplace EMEA, in particular, appreciated the Slack integration, as it allowed her team to schedule communications and target specific audiences easily.

The user-friendly web app provided a visually appealing experience and displayed events in the users' respective timezones, which was essential for Udemy's global reach. Recognizing the value of calendar real estate and the need for employees to protect their time, Epoch ensured that events were easily discoverable and tailored to individuals' interests, giving them the power of choice.


Udemy was impressed by Epoch's customer experience team, which offered excellent support through a shared Slack channel. Yvonne highlighted the prompt and helpful responses they received whenever they had questions or needed clarifications. “When we have any questions about an event or general inquiries, Epoch’s team responds almost instantaneously," says Yvonne.

During the implementation process, Udemy appreciated the weekly check-ins with the Epoch team, who provided customized launch communications, trained admin users, and offered best practices and resources to ensure a successful launch.

Overall, Epoch proved to be a valuable solution for Udemy, streamlining event management and enhancing the employee experience through its integrations, user-friendly interface, and exceptional customer support.


Epoch’s value-add has far exceeded Udemy’s expectations. The instant engagement and excitement from Udemy’s entire employee population demonstrated how much they needed a solution.

Engagement metrics


of Udemities on Epoch

1,201 Udemites have activated their account to access events and programs on Epoch.


Average participations per month

On average, 1,179 Udemites come out to Udemy's events each month.


Unique participation

Over 85% of Udemites have went to at least one of Udemy's events. This means that Udemy has created an extremely diverse set of experiences that resonate with the entire team!

Feedback metrics


of Udemites enjoyed Udemy's events

100% of Udemites enjoyed the events that Udemy hosted in the past 5 months.


felt Udemy's events were personalized

95% of Udemites felt that the events in the past 5 months have been created with them in mind.


of Udemites would participate again

100% of Udemites would participate again in the events Udemy has hosted in the past 5 months.

Udemy's most successful and exciting program has been "24 Hours of Learning." This event featured learning events across Udemy's global locations, spanning a full day with multiple events every hour. With a strong culture of learning and content, Udemy witnessed significant engagement from their teams.

Epoch played a crucial role in supporting these learning events by accommodating different time zones and providing employees with easy access to event information. 

The platform also proved valuable for the Udemy Benefits team in promoting vendor events, while the onboarding team utilized Epoch to streamline touchpoints and ensure a supportive onboarding experience for new employees.

“When we have any questions about an event or general inquiries, Epoch’s team responds almost instantaneously."

Yvonne Jacob

Manager, Workplace EMEA at Udemy

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