David's Pictionary Event 🎨

David's Pictionary Event 🎨

Epoch’s Team Series will introduce you to the team members of Epoch to get to know them a little better. Since our team is located in different cities across North America, having a strong workplace culture (virtually) is extremely important to us. It helps to boost our team’s morale at the end of each workweek and improves team collaboration. We don’t let distance get in the way of having a connected team.

The Team Series will follow each team member’s event to engage the entire team virtually, using the Epoch platform. On Fridays, a different team member hosts an event to bring the whole team together for some laughs and a good time through the screen. It will also introduce you to some exciting events ideas and best practices of using Epoch to create events for your team for improving workplace culture.

Meet David! David is on the Sales team and is on his winter co-op term at Epoch. Learn all about how David hosted Sketchful.io; a Pictionary event for the Epoch team - using Epoch! 

About the Event

Intro to David’s Event ✍️

  • For this week's Team Series, the event I hosted for the Epoch team was an online Pictionary game; Sketchful.io. For this game, each player is given a turn to draw an assigned word and for those who are watching, they are to guess what word was given based on the player's drawing. I chose to host this event for the Epoch team because it seemed fun, supported a high amount of players, and had virtually no learning curve

Event Creation & Preparing Attendees 🗓

  • While using Epoch’s platform, I was able to effectively present this event by highlighting the creative aspects of the game through the title and event cover photo.
  • I was also able to prepare the team for the event by providing a brief summary of what the game was and how to play in the event description. 

Epoch's Features that Best Supported the Event 📝

  • The features on Epoch that I believed best supported my event was the ability to create tags, have a customizable invitation list, and the option to automatically have a Slack channel created specifically for my event.
  • The tags were super helpful for team members to specifically find my team series event amongst all of the other internal events and workshops taking place at Epoch.
  • The invitee feature allowed me to easily add in all team members into the event so they would automatically receive a calendar invite for the event.
  • The automatic Slack channel creation feature was super helpful as it added everyone into the channel as they confirmed into the event. This allowed me to share more information and answer any questions leading up to the event and during.

Learnings from Hosting the Event 🌟

  • What I got out of hosting this event was realizing the challenge of working with everyone’s different work schedules to find a time that works for everyone. It was very hard to coordinate, especially with a big team. The solution I found that worked best, was to choose a time that works for the majority of the team. Then anyone that has meetings during the event time, let them know they have the option to pop into the event if they can. Depending on the type of event, sometimes if people drop in halfway through, it can alter the dynamic of the event, but for mine that wasn't an issue!

Event Feedback ✅

  • Looking back at the feedback, the Epoch Team believed that the event was really well received. Everyone really enjoyed the game I had picked out for them and had a fun time! This event could definitely be repeated as everyone shared a great laugh and it was super engaging.

What it’s like to Create & Host an Event using Epoch (as an Epoch Team Member) 🎉

  • The experience of creating and hosting an event using our own platform was really great; it helped me understand why newcomers get so excited when they hear about our platform.
  • As this was my first time creating an event for others, Epoch helped make the event creating process really easy with its straightforward steps. It allowed me to put my focus on the creative side of the event.

About Epoch’s Remote Culture

Do you feel that working at Epoch is different from working at other companies? 

  • Yes, working for a company whose product is aimed to help other companies create engaging events for their employees and promote a strong employee experience, has created a great working environment experience for me. 

Has Epoch’s Team Series helped you understand your team better?

  • Epoch's Team Series has definitely helped me understand my team better as it has allowed me to see the other employees enjoy time together in a more casual setting rather than just a typical work environment. 

Do you think engaging with your coworkers socially improves collaboration?

  • Definitely! I believe that engaging with your coworkers allows employees to better connect with each other, which in turn positively promotes collaboration and teamwork.

How has the experience affected your motivation and engagement with your work?

  • The positivity in our team has affected my motivation and engagement as it gives me something to look forward to at work. I also believe that having these positive and casual events allows us for a break off of work but will still keep you focussed on the work setting, allowing an easier transition back into work.

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