An's Dumpling Event 🥟

An's Dumpling Event 🥟

Epoch’s Team Series will introduce you to the team members of Epoch to get to know them a little better. Since our team is located in different cities across North America, having a strong workplace culture (virtually) is extremely important to us. It helps to boost our team’s morale at the end of each workweek and improves team collaboration. We don’t let distance get in the way of having a connected team.

The Team Series will follow each team member’s event to engage the entire team virtually, using the Epoch platform. On Fridays, a different team member hosts an event to bring the whole team together for some laughs and a good time through the screen. It will also introduce you to some exciting events ideas and best practices of using Epoch to create events for your team for improving workplace culture.

Meet An, who is on the Sales team! Learn all about how An led a Dumpling Workshop for the Epoch team - using Epoch! 

About the Event

Intro to An’s Event ✍️

The event I hosted was a Dumpling Workshop! I picked it in the spirit of AAPI Heritage Month and as dumpling making is a very inclusive event, and is traditionally done with the whole family, I figured it would be a great way to get the team together.

I provided my team members each with a gift card to purchase the necessary materials and ingredients they would need to participate in my event! I guided them through the process, step-by-step to ensure they could successfully make dumplings!

Event Creation & Preparing Attendees 🗓

I absolutely was able to effectively present my event to my team! Epoch made it super easy to keep track of everything when planning and executing the event. I was also able to host this event virtually, on a platform that our company uses every day, Teamflow! Here at Epoch, we use Teamflow for all of our company meetings as it is our virtual office.

Epoch's Features that Best Supported the Event 📝

The features on Epoch that I believed best supported my event were the Promotions! The ability to schedule reminders on Slack and send out emails to all confirmed attendees made it extremely easy to update my attendees as things developed. Also being able to see all attendee responses in one place on the Insights page helped with planning as well.

Learnings from Hosting the Event 🌟

The biggest thing I learned was how to lead and pace an event dependent on the progress of the attendees. Dumpling making is an art, and not everyone is an artist.  Making sure things move along smoothly and comfortably is key to a successful event. Challenge wise, not everyone ended up with the exact same ingredients, so improvising alternative recipes or steps on the spot was an exercise in spontaneity.

Event Feedback ✅

After my event took place, the feedback I received from my team was all around very positive. And I believe everyone thoroughly enjoyed learning how to make dumplings and successfully did so! Folks were particularly happy with the production value of the event.

What it’s like to Create & Host an Event using Epoch (as an Epoch Team Member) 🎉

It’s an amazing experience to be able to be both on the front and back line of a software. Every bit of feedback I receive is incredibly impactful.

About Epoch’s Remote Culture 💙

Do you feel that working at Epoch is different from working at other companies?

Working at a startup, each and every one of my actions is significantly more impactful than it would be at a large corporation. I would never have had the chance to run an event like this in any of my previous roles, and I appreciate the chance to share more about myself!

Has Epoch’s Team Series helped you understand your team better?

The entire Epoch team is incredibly open minded and receptive to new experiences. They jumped on board with a huge amount of enthusiasm!

Do you think engaging with your coworkers socially improves collaboration?

It absolutely does! It’s so much easier to get to know your coworkers in a more casual, light and breezy environment.

Has the experience affected your motivation and engagement with your work?

Certainly! After running my event, I feel a lot closer with the team, and feel like I’ve really solidified my place at the company!

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