Why Companies Should Invest in Team-building Activities 🤝

Why Companies Should Invest in Team-building Activities 🤝

A team that loves working together will create a positive culture and always have a positive impact on the overall performance of the business. Whether you have a movie night with the team or a culinary class for some sweet treats, team building events help to foster effective collaboration. 

No matter what industry your company is in, it is important to get together. Here are some reasons why your team should host team building events.

Increasing involvement and effectiveness 🙋‍♀️

Investing resources into team building directly leads to both higher engagement from your employees, and in turn better performance in the workplace. Investing in a stronger team is much better both for work as well as for any future conflicts, as it improves communication amongst team members. 

In a remote environment, it's likely that levels of engagement and motivation will be lower. It is more important in this environment to have your team come together outside of work-related meetings with virtual team building activities. 

Retaining your best employees 📈

Teams that have higher levels of engagement are less likely to have their employees leave. When employees are passionate or excited about a project, they will want to stay with the team. Team building activities can help employees build deeper connections with their work and fellow team members.

Use team building activities to invest in a more connected, excited, and passionate team with the employees you already have.

Maintaining an approachable workplace culture 🏢

Most companies wish to have an inclusive workplace that celebrates diversity. With people coming from many different backgrounds, it's easy for employees to feel as though they’re being left out. Especially when everyone is working from home, making more of an effort to build this open company culture is essential. Team building events are great ways to break down barriers by having some fun in some non-work related activities. 

Ideas for team building events 💡

Build your workplace community through events such as a tasty baking class, an energetic team workout or yoga class, or a creative terrarium workshop. Check out our 100+ event ideas here.

Creating your own team building event 🗓

Epoch can help gather employees for team building exercises by reaching your team where they are, on Slack, email, or Google Calendar. You can easily promote events with the click of a button, and collect feedback post event. Want to learn more? Book a demo today! 

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