Virtual Halloween Event Ideas 👻

Virtual Halloween Event Ideas  👻

As we begin to dive into the fall season, we want to get ready for the spookiest time of the year: Halloween! This yearly celebration takes place on October 31st and is filled with sweet treats, people dressing up in their favorite costumes, and spooky, yet fun, events.

This day involves huge gatherings of families and/or friends spending the night showcasing their favorite costumes while sharing and munching on their favorite sweets. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 there have been many restrictions on having large gatherings. Luckily, an alternative way to celebrate this wicked holiday is through virtual platforms! Now that we have transitioned into an online environment; planning and hosting events online has never been easier. 

Here are a few Virtual Halloween event ideas that you and your friends, family, or team can enjoy while following COVID-19 protocols:

Pumpkin carving & painting 🎃

Spice up your office or home by carving or painting your own Pumpkin! Whether it’s with your family, friends or team, you can organize a virtual call and spend the time sharing your creativity on how you would like to decorate your pumpkin. To add some competition into this event, members can vote together on who has the scariest pumpkin design. 

Idea: Send Pumpkin Carving Kits or Halloween themed painting supplies to those who want to participate in this virtual event. Mini gift baskets or gift card can also be given out for those who want to make this event into a fun competition.

Virtual magician 🪄

Spend this spooky holiday with an online magician! You and your family, friends or team can watch a variety of different magic tricks through many online platforms. Awe your audience with Alan Hudson, the Magician, as this event allows teams to book a Virtual Magic show for your team over Zoom. 

Idea: If you and your team want to take a step further with Magic tricks, spend time on a virtual call learning some tips and tricks from our recommended magician: Oscar Owen

Murder mystery 🕵️

Halloween is filled with spooky mysteries. What better way to celebrate this holiday is there without some Murdery Mystery? Murdery Mystery is an event game where members are given specific roles. With these roles, everyone has to pinpoint who in the group is the murderer. To get a deeper dive of this game, here are top 12 online murder mystery games that will have your team being detectives in no time!

Sharing spooky stories 😱

Spend this Halloween with your friends, family or team by story telling scary tales. This can be done over a virtual call. Spice things up by having every member turn off all their lights before sitting back and listening to everyone’s stories. If you or your team members don’t have a scary story in mind, here are 20 Spooky Stories that we think will keep you up all night.

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