Virtual Activities for Valentine's Day 💌

Virtual Activities for Valentine's Day 💌

February 14th, also known as Valentine’s Day, is the day when we show how appreciative we are towards our loved ones! With the pandemic making it difficult for us all to see our loved ones, we have compiled a list of fun and sweet virtual events that you can take part in on this special and loving day with your coworkers!

Plan these events with your team and employees can even include their family members and children to take part in these activities. Happy Valentine's Day! 💖

Romcom Movie Night 🍿

Spend this heartwarming day with your loved ones through a virtual call or small gathering by watching our suggested Romcoms! Romcom’s are a movie genre which is a combination of Romance and Comedy, which is often spent watching on Valentines day. 

Here are a few top rated Romcom’s that we think you will enjoy:

Valentines Arts and Crafts👩‍🎨‍

A great way to share your appreciation to others is through handmade gifts! Host an internal event where team members can spend time together crafting Valentine's Day themed art and gifts on this special holiday. This event is kid-friendly so encourage the working parents on your team to join the event with their kids!

Here is a list of different crafts that can be made for family, friends, and couples:

  • Initial Beaded Bracelets
  • Painting portraits
  • Origami Paper hearts
  • Decorating Valentines Day cards

Love Letters 💌

A common way to display words of love and appreciation is often found through poetry. Poetry is a way to show your affection and creativity in a distinctive style. Whether you are writing a poem on your own, with your little ones, or your friends, this love letter idea is a great Valentines Day gift for whoever you want to appreciate!

An event idea for your team is to have a poetry class to learn the art and allow an expert to share tips and tricks on writing a great poem. Find a Poetry expert to lead the event or perhaps there's an employee on your team who loves poetry and would host the event for the team!

Valentines Day Baking 🧑‍🍳

Who doesn't appreciate homemade sweets? On this special holiday, gift your loved ones with your own baked goods! This event can be virtually done with your coworkers and having a baking expert (or an employee who has a baking talent) to lead the baking demo. Encourage employees to invite their friends, family members and kids to join the event with them to have a virtual baking party!

Here are a few short and sweet recipes that we think can be made with love! 

Speed “Networking” 🖥

A fun twist on the popular Speed Dating event that allows employees to have a quick 5 minute casual and friendly conversation with those on the team they might not often interact with. Rounds of Speed Networking will help develop closer relationships amongst peers!

This event is also perfect for global teams as it will give you the opportunity to network internationally and meet new faces. The event can be done over a virtual call, such as Zoom, where participants are randomly selected and separated into breakout rooms for the Speed Networking rounds.

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