St. Patrick's Day Activities 🍀

St. Patrick's Day Activities 🍀

March 17th, also known as St. Patrick’s Day, is the day to celebrate the luck of the Irish! Spread luck and four-leaf clovers by encouraging employees to dress up in green and honour the history and culture behind this holiday. Employees with an Irish background can also explain the history and culture behind this holiday and touch on Irish food and beverages to try out on this festive day. 🌈

As the pandemic can make it difficult to celebrate in-person, we have compiled a list of exciting virtual events that you and your team can take part in for St. Patrick’s Day! 📝

Organize these events with your team and encourage them to include their friends, family members and children to join! 💚

Homemade Shamrock Shakes ☘️

Who doesn’t love a sweet treat to sip on while working? Making a homemade Shamrock Shake with your team is the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, while taking a break from work! A Shamrock Shake is a green mint flavored milkshake, popular in the month of March to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! ✨

Send your employees a gift card to purchase the necessary ingredients or provide them with the ingredients by sending them a ‘Make your own Shamrock Shake’ kit. This event can be virtually done so gather your team and create your Shamrock Shakes together!👩‍🍳

St. Patrick’s Day Arts & Crafts 🎨

Host an internal event where all team members can spend some time together and craft St. Patrick’s Day themed art! Send your employees a gift card to purchase the necessary materials or send them an arts and crafts kit! Encourage the working parents and employees on your team to bring their little ones, as this event is kid-friendly! 

Here is a list of simple, festive crafts that you and your team can make 👨‍🎨: 

  • Four leaf clover paper garland 
  • Rainbow and Pot of Gold finger painting 
  • Origami four leaf clover 
  • Writing and decorating St. Patrick’s Day Cards


Virtual Festival Watch Party 💻

While St. Patrick’s Day festivities are taking place around the world, the pandemic has made it difficult to attend parades and festivals in-person. By creating a St. Patrick’s Day virtual watch party event, everyone can enjoy watching St. Patrick’s Day Parade festivities from the comfort of their own home! 

Host your own virtual watch party or attend an existing virtual event that is being hosted online like this one from Race Roster!


St. Patrick’s Day Baking 🧁

On this special holiday, come together to bake St. Patrick’s day treats! This event can be done virtually, with the help of a baking expert or an experienced employee! Brainstorm several recipes and send your employees a gift card to purchase the necessary ingredients and tools or send them a baking kit! Encourage employees to invite their friends, family members, and little ones to join this exciting virtual baking party! 

Here is a list of simple and festive recipes for you and your team to follow on St. Patrick’s Day! 👩‍🍳


Green Party 💚

Wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day is a must! Out of you and your team members, see who can wear the most green clothing and accessories! Inform your team members that to be a part of the contest, you must wear green and the individual who wears the most green wins! Host this simple and joyful event by gathering your team members and seeing who is the most festive! ✨ 


Wishing you a lucky and happy St. Patrick’s Day! ⚱️🌈

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