Recommended Swag Vendors for this Holiday Season 🎁

Recommended Swag Vendors for this Holiday Season 🎁

The holiday season is approaching and it's a great time for organizations to give back to their employees. New swag and gifts are a great way to make everyone feel appreciated for the hard work they did. Below are some recommended vendors that have been proven to show the best results


Giftagram is a trusted gifting company with thousands of different options to choose from. Giftagram allows you to not be limited by the options available to the company but rather go beyond. With premium gifting choices, seamless experience and thoughtful packaging, giftagram is a good choice to make a deeper connection with employees and comapnies


EvaBot uses personal nudges and meaningful touchpoints to give you a fully automated, AI-powered gifting solution designed to drive engagement and amplify results. This helps companies individualize gifts for each person when a task is completed or want to send a meaningful message. 


Swagup is a platform where companies around the world can create, automate, and distribute swag or gifts to their employees. The holidays are a stressful time for giving gifts. The process of shipping, packaging, distribution, and worrying about if the gift is actually received can be stressful. SwagUp helps and automates all the tedious and stressful tasks allowing you to focus more on what to give. 


Snappy is a all in one platform that help orginizations reward their employees and customers with gifts that are meaningful to them. Personalization shows a company cares about their employees and cherishes the relationship. Snappy gifting employees easier and more seamless 


HeyKaido is a mission driven employee gifting service to make gifting easier without the tedious tasks. HeyKaido are believers that generosity lives within us all. That something about making others happy by giving is inexplicably powerful and satisfying. Simply chose the types of gifts, and brands then let HeyKaido handle the rest.


Canary is a full-service agency to make life easier during the holiday season. Canary helps you focus on company tasks while they take on the design, shipping, and materials. Canary is known for its high-quality designs and fast delivery. Canary is a great option to get something more personalized in a meaningful way. 

Blue Sky Marketing

Blue Sky is a marketing firm that helps promote your brand. However, they also specialize in personalized swag. Blue Sky is a great vendor to receive high-quality products without breaking the bank. Blue Sky has it all from shirts, cups, jewelry, and more. Blue Sky has worked with small and large companies, so no task is too big for them


Perkup is an employee gifts and awards company that focuses on remote experience. Sending employees gifts that reward their work over the year is crucial. PerkUp helps with customizing the perfect gift for each department and allows a great unboxing experience. 

Employee experience is crucial to the growth of any company. During the holiday season, it is important to give back to employees to give them a sense of meaning and purpose. The Epoch community helps share ideas on gifting, activities, and which vendors to use. Join our community today to learn more. 

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