Using Notion as an Intranet 🌟

Using Notion as an Intranet 🌟

Notion 📣

Notion is a simple and affordable option for your organization’s intranet. An intranet is a company-wide private platform that connects all employees to the organization. Learn more about what an intranet is and if your organization needs one

Intranets such as Sharepoint, Simpplr, and ClickUp can be expensive and take up a majority of your HR tech budget. Notion can be used as an intranet, and Epoch can be used in conjunction with it. Together, Epoch and Notion are all you need to streamline internal communications and event promotions in one place.

Below are functions of an intranet that you can use Notion for.

Company-Wide Communications 🥳

An intranet allows for more accessible communication between departments, employees and company-wide communication. The best way to get the message across is by using a platform where everyone can easily be notified. Emails are no longer the best way for company-wide announcements as they tend to get lost in all the junk. It can be verified if employees have read the message or not on an intranet. 

Company Directory 🖥

Having a company directory is important as it allows employees to spend less time looking for something. A good company directory can help employees to communicate with each other and easily find information they are looking for. 

Resource Management 📚

Content management is crucial for every company. Accessing files and documents is critical. A good intranet will have a built-in search engine that can allow employees who are new to the company to easily access them. Employees should use a good intranet that can search documents by text within the document or by titles. Notion has a great search functionality so employees can find the particular document they were looking for through keyword searches. 

Communication of Employees ☎️

Day-to-day task communication, events, and work trips can occur in one platform for employees. No need to constantly go back and forth on emails or communicate via phone. A good intranet can allow direct messaging, allowing individuals to handle a task without the hassle. Notion and Slack can be used in conjunction where users get Slack notifications when a Notion document is updated.

Company Event Calendar 📆

Employees don't check emails anymore, due to the random junk. That's why an event calendar is crucial to any company to make sure everyone participates in the events. A good intranet can implement a calendar for all employees to participate in and view future events. Notion and Epoch can be integrated so the Epoch events calendar for your organization is right on the Notion page.

Support services 😀

An intranet is meant for communication. Employees can report when they have difficulty with a task or equipment. Support forms can be embedded into Notion, making it easily accessible to employees to submit support tickets. Support systems like these can encourage positive communication and a better workplace culture.

Onboarding and training 🏋🏻

Employee onboarding is crucial for the development of the company. A well-trained employee can engage right away. Uploading crucial information to the intranet allows the process to run smoothly. 

Training materials can also be implemented directly into the intranet. There is mandatory training from HR and tracking via email is impossible. Accomplishing the process can be done easily on Notion.

The following video demonstrates how to create some of these items in Notion.

Why Choose Notion 🤔

There are multiple reasons why Notion is a great choice. Notion offers core intranet components like communication, resources, directory, events, support, and easier onboarding without breaking the bank. These are relevant to a successful business. A poor intranet can cause miscommunication, burnout, and overall loss of time. Here are the core reasons why you should make the jump to Notion.

  1. Organization. Notion templates provide a great framework to get started.

  1. Navigation. It's simple and easy to use

  1. Consistency. Styling is clean and simple and provides enough details without it looking clunky

  1. Experience. The experience is super flexible and easy to use. Changes can be made easily without taking up a lot of time

  1. All-in-one. Multiple applications have partnered up with Notion to give a more cohesive experience

  1. Pricing. It is well-priced for the number of features it provides

*Credits for image goes to Notion*

Organization 💡

Most companies struggle with multiple organizational tools that make employees more confused. No matter what size of a company you are, Notion helps you organize and ship projects faster. Colour coding, individual icons, activity tracking, and easy navigation are some of the features that help companies thrive. Say goodbye to messy folders and multiple different versions of the same doc. Keep everything in one space and separated by departments.

Epoch and Notion 💙

Employee experience teams can also streamline their event planning and internal communications by embedding Epoch into Notion. It can be part of the larger intranet built in Notion. Employees can also browse through events planned for the organization using Epoch within Notion.

Notion is a great tool for all organizations no matter the size. Timesaving allows the company time to be properly used for core projects. With a clean design, proper communication, and good management, companies can spend more time on activities, team building, and events. With Notion, organize events and activities easily with Epoch. Epoch is integrated with Notion making events a lot easier to manage. Book a demo today to learn more. 

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