New Hire Onboarding Essentials & Checklist 📋

New Hire Onboarding Essentials & Checklist 📋

Being a part of a company that is in a high growth stage is very exciting! But, it can also be a very stressful time for those responsible for onboarding these new hires.

In fact 45% of managers say employee onboarding is frustrating for them. Onboarding new hires doesn't have to be discouraging!

To help with the planning of your onboarding schedule, we have gathered a list of the most common and essential onboarding steps and tasks. Now you can put your focus on creating a welcoming environment with a positive experience for your new hires.

Step 1: Pre-Boarding Checklist 📋

Desk Set-Up (In Office Hires)
  • Provide access to office (key or code)
  • Company computer/laptop (if applicable)
  • List of computer applications and tools
  • Instructions to register for applications and tools (connect to 1Password)
Laptop Set-Up (Remote Hires)
  • Ship company laptop to new hires (if applicable)
  • List of computer applications and tools
  • Instructions to register for applications and tools (connect to 1Password)
New Hire Welcome Pack
  • Company info
  • Welcome gift and/or company swag
  • Benefits and payroll information
Admin Set-Up
  • Create their work email account
  • Set up intro call for the new hires to meet the team
  • Set up their calendar with recurring meetings
  • Set first day schedule
  • Send calendar invites for internal social events
  • Employee handbook and documentation for their role
  • Prepare HR documents and forms

Step 2: First Day Welcome 👋

Welcome to the Team!
  • Meet and greet with new team members (in-person or virtually)
  • Formally introduce the new hires to current employees
  • Give them their welcome gift and/or company swag
Office Tour (In Office)
  • Guide the new hires through a tour of the office and their desk
  • Ensure everything is set up with their computers
  • Provide them office info (eg. wifi password, printer instructions, etc.)
Office Tour/Laptop Set-Up (Remote)
  • Tour the virtual office with the new hires (eg. Teamflow is a great virtual office platform)
  • Ensure everything is set up with their laptops
Meeting with their Manager
  • Outline their job responsibilities
  • Describe the company's values and mission
  • Set goals and expectations
  • Introduce the new hires to the other members of the team specifically and their roles
  • Define the communication standards (eg. email first or Slack only)
Connect Them with a Work Buddy
  • Go over the office norms and company culture
  • Discuss the social activities and events of the office
  • Talk about the area that the office is in (eg. lunch restaurants close by, coffee shops, etc.)

Step 3: First Week Checklist ⏰

Meetings for the First Week
  • Ensure you have daily checkins with the new hires to answer any questions
  • Introduce the new hires to each team/department
  • Set up trainings for using new tools and software
  • Revisit job expectations and goals
  • Schedule all remaining training sessions
New Hire Activities
  • Take the new hire out to lunch or send them an Uber Eats gift card if they are a remote employee
  • Encourage their work buddy to go for a coffee run together
  • Host a happy hour or fun team activity to welcome the new hires

Step 4: Monthly Checkins 🗓

Two-Way Feedback
  • Encourage the manager of the new hire to have important checkin calls at the end of months 1, 3 and 6
  • Provide feedback to the new hire in regards to their performance and onboarding
  • Give the new hire the opportunity to give feedback to their manager on their onboarding experience (can be in the form of a survey)
Recurring Meetings with Their Manager
  • Set up regular 1 on 1 meetings
  • Set meetings to discuss their professional development plan
  • Develop a plan and set up checkins for any cross-functional projects
We have also put together 5 ways to make a virtual onboarding experience as impactful, effective, and connected as in-person onboarding for your new hires!

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