An all-in-one employee experience platform.

Spend less time dealing with a web of software tools, manual processes, and endless back and forth communication. We'll take care of it so you can spend more time on what you were meant to do: designing and strategizing world-class programs that truly improve employee engagement.


Set up events and programs in a few easy steps

Create internal events, learning programs, DEI and ERG initiatives, and more with our simple web app.


Streamline all your communications and scheduling

Promote your events and send automated announcements via Slack, calendar, email, and newsletters all through Epoch.


Measure impact with reporting and analytics

Get reports and templated presentations to share with the company. Track engagement, participation, and feedback all in one place.

Integrations with your everyday tools

We meet you where you and your workforce are. Connect Epoch with your day-to-day tools to access our seamless experience and keep your data up-to-date.

Ready to see Epoch in action?

Give your people teams the tools they deserve so they can put workplace culture at the top of company priorities.

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