Month of Events - August 2022 🏖

Month of Events - August 2022 🏖

Explore the special days and themes for the month of August!

This calendar is a guide for you and your team to use as you plan meaningful, internal events and activities virtually for the month of August. Bring everyone together this month to focus on celebrating national civility month and spread kindness.

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Month Themes: National Civility Month

August 2 - National Ice Cream Sandwich Day 🍦

Cool yourself down on this summer day with an ice cream sandwich! Treat your team, friends or family by ordering everyone ice cream sandwiches. Another fun fun way to celebrate this team is to create your own ice cream sandwiches.

Idea: Get creative with your peers by hosting a Funky ice cream sandwich challenge! Participants are encouraged to look through recipes and decorate their own sandwiches with their creativity. Share photos of your creation on Slack and vote who has the most funkiest ice cream sandwich! Here are 30+ Ice Cream Sandwich recipes for you to choose from.

August 3 - Watermelon Day 🍉

Watermelon is the refreshing fruit of the summertime. It is enjoyed best outside on a hot day. Bring your team together and have a creative challenge of different recipes and ways of enjoying watermelon. Share photos of everyone’s creations on Slack!

Idea: If you are in search of some watermelon recipes to get your team started, check these ones out. They cover everything from drinks and desserts to salads and apps. There’s a recipe for everyone.


August 8 - International Cat Day 🐱

Calling all cat lovers! On this day we want to show appreciation and love to our pet cats. A great way to celebrate is to treat your furry ones with treats, walks, and cuddles! For those who do not have a cat, no worries as you can show off your love for these cute furry animals in many ways. 


Idea: Spoil your cats with some treats (but not too many!), cuddles, a walk around the neighbourhood, or with new toys! Take pictures on this day and share them to your friends and family through social media! For those who don’t have a pet cat, share your love for them by wearing clothing with your favourite cat design!


August 9 - International Day of the World’s Indigenous People 🌟

Did you know there are over 476 million indigenous peoples living in 90 countries across the globe? This special day aims to raise awareness and protect the rights of the world’s indigenous population. There is also a focus on celebrating and recognizing their history and cultural contributions.

Idea: One way you can encourage your team to support and celebrate this special day is by supporting Indigenous artists. Another way is to educate your team on issues that Indigenous People are facing not just in your area, but around the globe. Hosting panels or learning talks are a great place to start.

August 12 - International Youth Day 👧🏻

Kids are the future and International Youth Day (IYD) helps to empower youth around the world to organize activities and make a difference for the youth in their country.  The theme of International Youth Day 2022 is, “Transforming Food Systems: Youth Innovation for Human and Planetary Health”. There is a virtual Food Systems Summit that is being held for IYD as a way to get youth involved through education and action.

Idea: Empower the kids of the working parents on your team to join a day of activities and events (virtually). Provide learning talks, mentorship programs, and fun activities to get the youth of all ages to participate and be engaged.

August 17 - Marcus Garvey Day 🙌

On August 17, we will be celebrating the first National Black Holiday. It’s a celebration of the life of Marcus Garvey, a Jamaican politician and activist  who led the largest Black movement in US history. He promoted the ideals of pride, freedom, self-reliance and education and influenced the world through so many different people.


Idea: Some ideas to celebrate and honor this day is to attend the Marcus Garvey Day hosted by the United Church of Christ, on August 17,2022, or set a time to educate your team, friends or family about the history and impact that Marcus Garvey has made towards the US.


August 19 - World Humanitarian Day 🌎

World Humanitarian Day is dedicated to recognizing humanitarian workers who were killed and injured in the course of their work. This day is especially important again this year as the world is continuing to fight against COVID-19, access to assist those in humanitarian crises is more difficult.

Idea: If you are looking to spread the word and amplify the voices of others on World Humanitarian Day on social media, use the #RealLifeHeroes. This campaign helps to celebrate the people who have committed their lives to helping others.

August 26 - Women’s Equality Day 👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏾

This special day commemorates American women getting the constitutional right to vote. This year marks 101 years since this right was granted back in 1920. The color purple also symbolizes women's equality internationally, so don’t forget to deck out in purple on this day. In the present day, efforts are continuing to be made to ensure women are treated equally and there are many women-focused organizations to help and support all year long.

Idea: Host a women empowerment panel where multiple women professionals can come together share their successes and struggles to inspire the women on your team. Women supporting other women is the best way to come together and make a difference.

With August’s focus on National Civility and politeness, many workplaces give their employees daily challenges to improve employee relationships and a way to engage with others on different teams.

Another idea is to plan webinars or fireside chats with various guest speakers to inspire employees and happy hour events to come together as a team for some fun. Larger summer events may be able to be fully in-person later this summer, so keeping an eye on covid guidelines and having a backup plan is a great place to start.

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