Month of Events: April 2024

Month of Events: April 2024

Explore the special days and themes for the month of April!

This calendar is a guide for you and your team to use as you plan meaningful, internal events and activities for the month of April. Bring everyone together this month to focus on celebrating the month of growing!

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Month Themes: Month of Growing

With holidays in April such as Good Friday, Easter, and Passover, it’s important to plan your events around these days to avoid any busy schedules. If you’re looking for an opportunity to destress or motivate the company, plan an event such as a happy hour or a trivia competition to get everyone in high spirits. 

April 1 - April Fools’ Day 🎉

April Fools’ is a light-hearted occasion where people engage in pranks and jokes to foster a fun atmosphere through laughter and camaraderie.

Idea: Consider adding a playful touch to your Zoom meetings by inviting a farm animal; you can easily rent goats, llamas, and more to join your office calls. This is a creative way to add an unexpected and humorous element to a virtual setting and evoke laughter among your colleagues. 

Here are some websites to rent from: 

April 2 - World Autism Awareness Day 🧩

World Autism Awareness Day aims to increase understanding and acceptance of autism. It's an opportunity to promote a more inclusive and supportive workplace for individuals with autism.

Idea: Host a session or workshop on autism awareness. Consider inviting a guest speaker or use an online resource to educate employees.

April 5 - Walk to Work Day 🚶‍♂️

Walk to Work Day promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. It's a day to encourage employees to incorporate physical activity into their daily commute.

Idea: Organize a "Walking Meeting" where teams discuss projects or brainstorm ideas while taking a stroll. It promotes fitness, fresh air, and a change of scenery for increased creativity. Or, consider creating a dedicated Slack or Teams channel for photo sharing, and encourage employees to snap a picture on their commute to work. 

April 7 - World Health Day 🏥

World Health Day focuses on global health issues and encourages healthier living. It's an opportunity to prioritize employee well-being in the workplace.

Idea: Host a "Healthy Habits Challenge." Encourage employees to share their wellness routines, from fitness activities to healthy recipes, fostering a supportive community that values and promotes a holistic approach to health. Consider organizing wellness workshops or virtual fitness sessions to further engage employees in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

April 10 - National Siblings Day 👫

National Siblings Day celebrates the bonds between siblings. It's a day to recognize the importance of family and strengthen connections in and out of the workplace.

Idea: Create a fun and interactive activity where employees share childhood photos with their siblings. Then, challenge teams to match each participant with the correct sibling. This game not only brings laughter and nostalgia but encourages colleagues to learn more about each other's personal lives.

April 11 - National Pet Day 🐾

National Pet Day celebrates the joy that pets bring to our lives. It's an opportunity to create a pet-friendly atmosphere in the workplace.

Idea: Organize a "Pet Parade" where employees bring their pets to the office or share pictures and stories virtually. It creates a positive and pet-friendly workplace culture.

April 12 - Grilled Cheese Day 🧀

Grilled Cheese Day is a celebration of this classic comfort food. It's a day to enjoy delicious meals and bond over shared culinary experiences.

Idea: Treat your team members to grilled cheese for lunch, or host a "Grilled Cheese Cook-Off" where employees can showcase their grilled cheese creations through Slack or Teams channels.

April 12 - National Day of Silence (LGBTQIA+) 🏳️‍🌈

The National Day of Silence raises awareness about the impact of anti-LGBTQIA+ bullying and harassment. It's a day to promote inclusivity and support for LGBTQIA+ in the workplace.

Idea: Organize a panel discussion or guest speaker event focusing on LGBTQIA+ inclusivity in the workplace. Encourage open dialogue and understanding among employees.

Here are some interactive lectures to consider: 

April 16 - Wear your Pajamas to Work Day 😴

Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day is an opportunity to break away from the typical office attire and embrace a laid-back atmosphere. I mean, who wouldn't want to wear pajamas to work?!

Idea: Arrange a "Pajama Day Breakfast” and invite employees to start the workday in their pajamas with a cozy pancake breakfast. 

April 21 - April 27 - National Volunteer Week 🙌

National Volunteer Week celebrates the contributions of volunteers. It's a time to recognize the impact of volunteerism and encourage employees to engage in community service.

Idea: Organize a "Community Service Day" where employees volunteer together for a local cause. It promotes teamwork, social responsibility, and a sense of community.

April 22 - Earth Day 🌍

Earth Day focuses on environmental awareness and conservation. It's a day to promote eco-friendly practices and sustainability in the workplace.

Idea: Launch a "Green Challenge" encouraging employees to adopt sustainable habits, such as reducing paper usage, carpooling, or participating in a workplace recycling initiative. Or, host an Earth Day Trivia or a Zero Waste Workshop! 

April 22 - Passover 🕍

Passover is a Jewish festival commemorating liberation and freedom. It's an opportunity to celebrate diversity and cultural awareness in the workplace.

Idea: Encourage employees to bring in or share virtually traditional Passover dishes. This potluck allows everyone to experience the rich culinary traditions associated with Passover, fostering appreciation for different cultural celebrations. 

April 23 - National Picnic Day 🍽️

National Picnic Day encourages enjoying meals outdoors and connecting with nature. It's a day to break away from the traditional office setting.

Idea: Organize a "Picnic Lunch" in a nearby park or outdoor space. Encourage employees to bring their lunches, enjoy nature, and engage in casual conversations.

April 24 - Administrative Professionals Day 💼

Administrative Professionals Day recognizes the vital contributions of administrative professionals in the workplace. It's a day to express gratitude for their hard work and support.

Idea: Host an "Appreciation Luncheon" to celebrate administrative professionals. Provide a platform for colleagues to express their appreciation and acknowledge their contributions.

April 25 - Bring Your Kids to Work Day (US) 👶

Bring Your Kids to Work Day allows employees to share their work experiences with their children. It's a day to inspire future generations and promote work-life balance.

Idea: Organize a "Kid-Friendly Workshop" where employees and their children participate in interactive activities related to the workplace. It creates a positive and family-friendly work environment.

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