How to be Inclusive for Global Employees 🌎

How to be Inclusive for Global Employees 🌎

Many companies have employees based globally working remotely. Creating a globally inclusive workplace can be challenging. The following five steps, can help make remote employees distributed globally feel included and respected at work.

1. Implement cultural sensitivity training

Developing cultural sensitivity training is required for a globally inclusive work environment. This training should focus on understanding and respect for different cultures and backgrounds. It should be tailored to the specific needs of the company. It should be mandatory and updated regularly.

If there are insensitive remarks made in the workplace, you should look into how you can improve your cultural sensitivity training to create an inclusive culture.

2. Encourage a diverse and inclusive hiring process

You should actively recruit candidates from underrepresented groups. This can be done by creating a diverse and inclusive hiring process. It’s important to promote diversity throughout your organization, on all levels. Make sure diversity is present in executive leadership roles.

3. Create an inclusive work environment

Creating an inclusive work environment is also essential for global employees. All employees should be respected and provided equal opportunities. This should be written into company values. This includes being respectful of different beliefs and ensuring everyone’s needs are being met regardless of what aids they may require.

4. Provide language support services

You should also provide language support services, such as translation and interpretation services. This helps connect employees who would be unable to speak with each other otherwise. This is especially useful in international organizations, but with the rise of remote first teams, these services are becoming more important.

5. Celebrate cultural holidays

You should celebrate cultural holidays/events to create inclusivity and appreciation for diversity. You can do this by hosting events and activities that celebrate different cultures. Additionally, you should give employees time off to observe cultural holidays. Make sure that you celebrate all cultural holidays so nobody feels left out.

These steps allow you to create an inclusive environment for your global employees. Ensuring that your global employees feel included should be a top priority.

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