Low Budget Employee Events ✨

Low Budget Employee Events ✨

Hosting employee events for your team to enjoy is a great way to build and strengthen relationships. Not only do these events develop strong relationships within the company, but they also provide many more opportunities such as being able to acknowledge and celebrate  your team's success, allowing your team to learn something new and valuable, or to just enjoy some time off of work with your team… the list goes on and on!

Although hosting employee events has its benefits, the costs associated with them may slowly become an issue. Luckily there are still a great number of events that can be done at low costs. To get started, we have compiled a list of low budget employee events for you and your team to enjoy!:

Hosting a specialized class 📝

Rather than spending on costs for a guest speaker to discuss a learning topic, you can choose to have your employees pick out their greatest strengths and have them volunteer to teach them to the rest of the team, virtually or in-person! Some of these talents can include cooking, knitting, gardening, etc. This specialized class is great for highlighting everyone’s hidden talents as well as getting to know a little more about every one of your employees.

Stress reduction and wellness activities 🧘♀️💭

Enjoy a no-cost wellness activity with your team by coming together to work out your physical and mental health! Here are a few Stress Reduction and Wellness ideas that you and your team can enjoy together; virtually or in-person:

  • Going on a hike: You and your team can plan and decide where you would want to hike and sightsee; whether it’s in a park, forest, mountain, etc. These events can take place weekly!
  • Youtube workout sesh: Team’s can either virtually host a Zoom meeting or organize this as an in-person event to run through workout Youtube videos. Here is a playlist that we think you will enjoy!
  • Youtube Meditation Meet-up: Similar to the Youtube workout Sesh, team’s can follow along to any meditation playlists which can be found on Youtube. Here are a few channels that will teach your employees how to properly meditate, as well as some sounds that will help keep you relaxed:
  1. Calm
  2. Goodfull
  3. SoothingRelaxation

Team games 👾🕹

Hosting events where employees can play games against each other is a great way for teams to get competitive and have the opportunity to win prizes! Prizes can include any retail gift cards, a mini gift basket of their choice, or mini pizza party! Here are a few hybrid-friendly team games that your employees can enjoy:

Spending quality time with your employees off of work hours is a crucial part of developing closer work relationships. Although the high pesky costs of hosting most events may be pricey, there are still many fun events that are little to no costs at all!

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