Less is More ✅

Less is More ✅

Can there be too much of a good thing when it comes to work events? Well, yes.

Here are some things to consider before you start filling your team’s schedule up with a ton of events and activities. 

More Events, More Problems

  • Running lots of events can be overwhelming for event planners and lead to burnout, impacting the quality of work and the events themself.

  • Your staff might feel expected to participate in these activities. Rather than being fun, events may become a ‘chore.’
  • Hosting too many events over a short period can make it challenging to develop new event ideas in the future.

  • Participating in an abundance of events may lead to a change in perception about events. Employees might no longer see them as a break from the workday, defeating the purpose of these activities.

  • Attendance may divide across all events, resulting in less participation per event.

Quality Over Quantity

  • With a shortlist of notable occasions, planners can take time to create quality events that are impactful and memorable.

  • Employees may perceive the rare event as special and will not want to miss out on it, making for healthy attendance.

  • Focusing on quality over quantity dials down the overwhelm for both participants and planners.

Though well-intentioned, planning a plethora of events can lead to the point of diminishing returns where resources, time, and enthusiasm are wasted. Prepare for quality over quantity so that everyone can enjoy team events to the fullest extent.

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