Epoch's Month of Events - January 2023

Epoch's Month of Events - January 2023

Here is a list of the special days and themes for the month of January!

Use this as a guide as you are planning employee engagement events for your workplace. All of these suggested events can be done virtually to build up your team’s remote culture.

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Month Themes: Employee Wellness, National Mentoring Month 😌

With January’s focus being on employee wellness, use this month to check in with your employees and see if there are any resources or support that could help them succeed within their role. You can also plan some wellness events such as team workouts, cooking classes, mental wellness workshops, mindfulness activities, or a virtual happy hour.

January 1 - New Year’s Day

With a new year, comes new goals and resolutions. Encourage employees to write down their goals for 2023. Send out a survey asking employees what their goals are within the company and any kind of changes or improvements to be made to help employees succeed.

January 2 - World Introvert Day

While it may seem counterintuitive to hold a social event for World Introvert Day, it is also an opportunity to educate employees. Give a presentation on how some people feel more or less comfortable in different situations and clear up some misconceptions. This will help your introverted employees feel more seen and your extroverted employees be more accommodating. Suggested reading: Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain.

January 9 - Clean Off Your Desk Day

Make this day into a fun cleaning party where everyone organizes the desk (in the office or at home) for a fresh start in the New Year.

Idea: Get employees to submit before and after photos (Slack or Microsoft Teams would be great for this!) and award the best transformations. Employees can even share their favorite organization tips or desk supplies with others.

January 14 - National Dress Up Your Pet Day

Gather everyone’s furry friends for National Dress Up Your Pet Day! Encourage employees to get creative with their pet’s fashion sense. Put together a costume contest so everyone can share their pet’s best outfit on Slack or Teams. Employees could vote on the best pictures and the winner could receive a pet-based reward like a pet shop gift card. 

January 16 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

This day celebrates Martin Luther King’s birthday and shines a light on his legacy and civil rights. Most companies use this day or the week to encourage their employees to give back to their community and participate in volunteering initiatives. Here’s a list of virtual volunteering experiences to get started.

January 24 - International Day of Education

The International Day of Education celebrates the struggles and achievements of providing better access to education all across the world. Take this opportunity to present the team with information surrounding the past, present, and future of spreading education. Click here for the list of virtual volunteering experiences including some education initiatives. 

January 27 - National Fun at Work Day

With National Fun at Work Day, there are limitless opportunities to let loose and build team morale. Whether your team enjoys having a social happy hour or kick back and relax with a movie night, find an activity that your team loves to unwind with. Be sure to pick an event that will be the most inclusive to everyone in the workplace. Check out some fun and free ideas here.

January 30 - National Croissant Day

Gather the team and bring your appetites for National Croissant Day! Choose to host a baking class with your employees and teach everyone how to make a croissant, or just get to the tasty part by hosting a croissant-filled breakfast at the office. End the month with a pastry-themed boost to your employees' engagement and appetites.  

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