Month of Events - January 2021 🎉

Month of Events - January 2021 🎉

Here is a list of the special days and themes for the month of January!

Use this as a guide as you are planning employee engagement events for your workplace. All of these suggested events can be done virtually to build up your team’s remote culture.

Add Epoch’s calendar to be ahead of 2021’s cultural and holiday events!

Month Themes: Employee Wellness, National Mentoring Month

January 1 - New Year’s Day

With a new year, comes new goals and resolutions. Encourage employees to write down their goals for 2021. Send out a survey asking employees what their goals are within the company and any kind of changes or improvements to be made to help employees succeed.

January 11 - Clean Off Your Desk Day

Make this day into a fun cleaning party where everyone organizes the desk (in the office or at home) for a fresh start in the New Year. 

Get employees to submit before and after photos (Slack or Microsoft Teams would be great for this!) and award the best transformations.

January 18 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

This day celebrates Martin Luther King’s birthday and shines a light on his legacy and civil rights. Most companies use this day or the week to encourage their employees to give back to their community and participate in volunteering initiatives. Here’s a list of virtual volunteering experiences to get started. 

With January’s focus being on employee wellness, use this month to check in with your employees and see if there are any resources or support that could help them succeed within their role. You can also plan some wellness events such as meditation breaks, cooking classes, wellness workshops, daily walk challenges, or a virtual happy hour.

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