Ideas for Giving Tuesday 🤩

Ideas for Giving Tuesday 🤩

As the holiday season approaches, many people wish to give back. Giving Tuesday falls on November 29, 2022, and is a reminder of kindness, generosity, and doing something to give back to start off the holiday season. The pandemic has created a barrier for many employers to create events for Giving Tuesday due to the hybrid workforce.

Here are some methods that are proven to aid to boost engagement in Giving Tuesday initiatives. 

Company Matching 🥳

Companies giving incentives to employees for donating have shown a 4x engagement rate. This can be activities and events like matching donations or gift donation campaigns. For employees, this is a great opportunity to donate to their favorite charities knowing their company will also be donating. 

Serving at local food banks and hosting food drives are great ways to get everyone involved. Virtual volunteering has an equally important and effective rate. In-person or hybrid, the act of giving back can come in various forms. Many nonprofits and organizations have events for employees around this time of the year. Many people wish to give back and organizations have a full set of events in which employees can participate. 

Team Building 👏🏽

One way for organizations to get involved and boost employee engagement is by hosting giving events. These are events where employees can compete with each other or other organizations on who can fundraise the most. This level of competition sparks interest, engagement, morale, and communication.

Employees engaging with customers is also a good way for companies to participate during this season. Asking customers where the company should donate allows customers to feel part of the change. This way companies can directly connect with customers as well. 

Communication ☎️

Many people are already in the mood for giving due to the holidays. Drive engagement by communicating across the best practices. Build multiple channels and methods that everyone can communicate in.  Directly communicating with leaders, managers, and employees can help boost engagement. People are more prone to listen to their friends/managers rather than HR. Once managers and friends are involved, many individuals would also start looking forwards to the event. This way new methods, ideas, and concepts can be created without needing to be managed. 

Reports 📝

Lastly, having data is the biggest morale boost for employees. Knowing that their hard work, ideas, and donations went towards a change allows a sense of peace. Data can be shown by dollars donated, impact value, and testimonials. Impact report connects organizations with stakeholders, partners, and beneficiaries. This also builds trust within the organization and allows employees to be part of the change.

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