Five Things to Improve Your Digital EX 📣

Five Things to Improve Your Digital EX 📣

Hybrid work or work from home is here to stay. Gone are the days when you can grab a quick lunch or coffee with your co-workers. Micro-moments are important to employee engagement as this increases engagement, satisfaction, and workplace culture. 

Creating new methods of micro-culture is important going forward. Remote employees can foster those connections and benefits as well if the company places an impotence on it. People experience in remote companies need to establish new methods of improving digital culture by letting leaders know the importance and benefits that occur from it. 

Add technology into hiring 💻

Many companies promote themselves via social media by showing future candidates the benefits, culture, and vibe of the company. Social media is a low-budget high-impact way to show what it is like to work for your company. 

Many companies use Instagram and LinkedIn to show future applicants how the company has helped them grow, promotions, events, and benefits for working there. This will help future employees vision themselves within the company. 

Conduct interviews online 👀

According to Gartner, 86% of interviews are conducted virtually. Remote interviews are great in many ways. While the in-person aspect is lost, virtual interviews provide far more benefits. Virtual interviews save organizations money in office room space, possibly flying individuals out, and other accommodations. This also provides another benefit of making candidates apply again in the future. Candidates may not apply again to go through the whole tedious process again but will consider if it's online. 

Implement thoughtful tech-based onboarding 🤝

It's been reported that 20% of new hires are less engaged with the company values and 28% have a weaker bond with colleagues since remote work has been implemented. Ensuring that people can feel connected to their colleagues and are happy at work is crucial to the company's success. 

One way to combat this hurdle is by establishing a buddy program. Buddy programs can help revive the connection lost without the office. You tend to become closer with the colleagues you work with constantly, by having a buddy system can jump-start a possible friendship between two workers. 

Encourage new hires to schedule 1:1s with other team members. While it may be awkward at first, this will encourage new hires to get to know their colleagues in an informal way. This can help build a working relationship for future projects, assignments, and tasks. Lastly, survey new hires. New hires can give feedback and opinion which can be greatly beneficial for the people's teams. 

Enable online resource groups 🙌

It is important your employees feel comfortable and supported. Establishing a resource group is critical, but establishing an online resource group is one step further in the right direction. This enables full-time remote employees or hybrid workers to still participate and build a community.

HBR suggests establishing a Slack channel where employees can grab a virtual lunch or have a virtual happy hour together to find their support. One way is to have a weekly or monthly meeting where people can hop in and out, and start talking can help boost company morale and support for each other. Epoch can help set these up with ease.

Enable self-service for basic tasks 💪

Your people team is important but employees should not be waiting for the email from HR that calculates the remaining PTO or to understand the compensation summary. Employees can use a digital platform to keep up to date with their payroll and benefits information. This critical information can help equip employees with the valuable information that is required to create their own journey.

Epoch helps with employee events and engagement. Crucial steps like an invitation, communication, registration, and confirmation are all handled by Epoch with the click of a button. Employee experience is directly linked to a better work environment, quality work output, culture, reduced staff turnover, increase in productivity, and ultimately company success. Epoch helps streamline the event planning process. Book a demo today!

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