Epoch Community Year in Review 2023

Epoch Community Year in Review 2023

Epoch Year in Review

Welcome to our Epoch Year in Review! Thanks for being with us this year. Let's celebrate everything we've done together and for what's the come in 2024!

Webinars 🤝

In 2023, we hosted 12 webinars with leaders and innovators in Employee Experience from companies like Microsoft, Stack Overflow, Zynga, and more. Topics spanned across internal communications, L&D, DEI, internal events, and more.

"When I think of Employee Experience, I feel it's like it's all around you. It's the culture and environment, it's like the air you breathe when you're at work. We spend so much of our time at work everyday, you want to make it a great experience." – Sonia Rose , Senior Manager, Employee Communications and Experience at Pure Storage

Roundtables 📣

In 2023, we hosted 10 roundtables for experts in Employee Experience. This is a safe space for our community to come together for insightful discussions, sharing ideas, leaning on each other for support, and building connections.

Global DEI and office alignment strategies

Creating global DEI and office alignment strategies involves navigating both ethical compliance and cultural variations. Respect differences between offices and across countries, while understanding that diversity is important.  It’s important to be mindful of keeping similar budgets and activities across offices while recognizing not everything works the same way in each area.

Virtual engagement on a budget

Engaging without a budget requires resourcefulness. Some organizations repurpose existing funds effectively, for instance, incorporating social causes into regular meetings using allocated budgets, like donating to charity during events. Another approach involves transforming a wellness budget, shifting from two weeks to a 6-week challenge, promoting collaboration across the country without incurring extra expenses.

Challenges with ERGs and neurodiversity

The straightforward nature of those on the spectrum prompts a call for equity, recognizing existing ERGs for other groups. Educating on neurodiversity is also crucial, highlighting it as a unique way of thinking, with studies supporting the positive impact of neurodiverse talent, reinforcing the need for inclusive hiring programs. The idea is to support employees and mitigate risks long-term. It will require you to have conversations of what reasonable accommodations and resources are so you can get ahead of any issues before they arise.

Metrics and programming for successful onboarding

Onboarding effectiveness transcends a set duration, prioritizing swift integration into team meetings. Instead of memorization, focus on empowering employees to locate crucial information. Extended experiences, such as a 90-day program, enhance engagement and provide multiple touchpoints. Key metrics include employees' ability to access information, prompt problem-solving by managers, and the efficacy of onboarding content. Feedback at the 90-day mark guides improvements, emphasizing a dynamic and evolving onboarding process.

Hybrid events, global scaling, and engagement tactics

Offering remote employees the choice to join the office and in-person events enhances connection, and this flexibility is key for engagement. Cost-effective popup events and diverse scheduling also accommodate various teams, building micro-connections through things like asynchronous scavenger hunts, the Amazing Race, and Slack channels for global sharing of interests. Organizing larger-scale events can be challenging, especially when it comes to managing attendance and inventory so standardizing processes whenever possible is key to enhancing the overall experience. In cultivating employee engagement and fostering a positive workplace culture, innovative event ideas are key. Initiatives like challenges with enticing prizes, offsite adventures, and creative competitions promote interaction and stimulate creativity.

Employee Experience Symposium 2023🥳

In case you missed the last one, Epoch's Employee Experience conference is returning in 2024! Epoch Connect 2024 is the premiere 2-day conference for top leaders and innovators to connect, learn, and share knowledge on engagement and Employee Experience for our new way of work. Last year, panelists from Adobe, Salesforce, Reddit, and more shared their experiences on workplace experience. This year will be even bigger! Register now for discounted tickets.


Epoch and Desana hosted a conference for leaders and innovators in the Employee Experience space to mix and mingle. The event featured networking, roundtable discussions, and a panel discussion where Jade Choy, CEO and co-founder, had conversations with leaders and innovators in the employee experience and engagement space.

Employee Experts Slack community

The Epoch Employee Experience community helps EX teams share ideas on inclusive events, gifting, new methods, and which vendors to use. Join our community today to be part of the conversation among other EX professionals! 

If you haven't heard of us before and are curious after hearing what we've been up to: we're here to help you streamline all the important tasks for your next event. Crucial steps like an invitation, communication, registration, and confirmation are all handled by Epoch both easier and faster. Company events drive the employee experience, increasing productivity and connection with the organization’s culture and among employees. Epoch can help streamline the event planning process. Book a demo today!

Thanks for sticking with us until the end. We can't wait for what's to come in 2024! 🥳

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