Wrapping Up the Year with Engaging Events

Wrapping Up the Year with Engaging Events

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Ideas for engaging future events with a single planner?

When it comes to enhancing employee engagement and nurturing a positive workplace culture, innovative event ideas play a crucial role. Here are some of the creative initiatives some companies have had success with. First, a scavenger hunt can breathe life into team dynamics, promoting interaction, competition, and an exciting incentive to participate, particularly if there are enticing prizes at stake. Using tools like apps can help take the load off the planner. 

For a change of scenery, side trips such as snowshoeing adventures or attending regional events like baseball games offer a fun offsite experience. Historical walking tours can blend learning with leisure, allowing employees to discover local culture while aligning the tour's themes with the company's values. Creative competitions, like Lego building challenges or lock-picking classes, can stimulate employees' creativity and teamwork. Lastly, consider purpose-driven events that connect with the company's mission. For example, donation drives for a non-profit organization.

How to strike a balance between a fun and overwhelming number of events?

Maintaining the delicate balance between creating a fun, engaging atmosphere and preventing event overload is a challenge. It's essential to be mindful of employee fatigue and burnout. Discover what is sustainable and valuable for your company, and acknowledge that not everybody can partake. Offer a diverse range of events to cater to different preferences and energy levels. Importantly, communicate event details well in advance, allowing employees to plan their participation accordingly.

You can also consider holding smaller scale events rather than large, frequent ones. Small, team building events that are leadership led may be more successful and have higher attendance rates. Above all, trial and error is the best strategy so that you can discover what works best for your company. 

How to measure ROI and employee engagement?

Determining the Return on Investment (ROI) for employee events and measuring overall engagement can be achieved through key performance indicators (KPIs). Tools like Epoch can be used to meticulously track the impact of events on the workforce. You can also implement feedback forms, strategically designed to capture sentiments related to community connection and engagement. Forge a connection between employee engagement and retention rates, Learning Management System (LMS) data, and recognition within the organization to assess the true impact of initiatives.

What does end-of-year wrapping up look like for you?

Looking ahead to Q4 and the end of the year, including executive summaries, is vital for strategic planning. To gauge the effectiveness of your team's efforts, consider linking an annual survey question directly to the impact of events. In doing so, aim to separate your team's contribution from other business factors, providing a clearer picture of the influence.

How do you justify budgets?

Justifying budgets allocated to employee engagement events can be a critical part of the planning process. Finance teams may be disconnected from the real cost of hosting events, so communication is key to forging an understanding. It’s good practice to scale events to the performance of the company for alignment and sustainability. By highlighting the importance of innovative events and showcasing their role in talent retention, you can make a compelling case for budget allocation, ensuring that events remain fresh and impactful.

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