3 Ways to Deal with Disengaged Employees 🤝

3 Ways to Deal with Disengaged Employees 🤝

No employee is perfect. And occasionally, some lose their professional drive, becoming disengaged at work. A disengaged employee may show apathy, withdraw from team discussions, miss deadlines, and regularly complain, negatively impacting the quality of their output and productivity.

So how do we address and turn around these counterproductive behaviors? Read on.

Helpful Ways to Deal with Disengaged Employees ✅

1) Talk to Them 🗣

  • It's always best to skip assumptions. Be direct with your employees and ask them what's going on.
  • Kindness goes far. Approach the topic with compassion because it may be a sensitive matter. They could be distracted by something at home, their health, or they may be experiencing burnout.
  • Do not make a display. Make sure to speak with your employee privately, providing a safe space for them to tell you about their issues or workplace pain points.
  • Listen.

2) Enable Connections 🤝

  • Pair your disengaged employee with a high-performer. If they're feeling overwhelmed or need support with their work, the engaged employee can provide tips and tricks and even step in to ease their workload. 
  • Mentorship with a more senior employee can help boost their confidence on the job through learning and growth.
  • Encourage them to participate in internal events. Perhaps they feel lonely and could benefit from a positive social connection!

3) Make the Work Engaging 🙌

  • Find out why they started working for you in the first place. What was it that got them excited to join the team? Tap into that answer to ignite that feeling in them.
  • Mix it up! Assign them to a task that engages different emotions, like a challenge or simple tasks that can be meditative.
  • How else could they serve the organization? If they're not enjoying their current role, see if there is another position that excites them. Find out what they want to do at work and go from there.

It's no surprise that a disengaged worker negatively impacts the entire team. If you notice the signs of a disengaged employee, make sure to nip it in the bud and find a way to move forward together.

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