Cultivating Community and Innovation: Epoch's Employee Experience Roundtable Recap

Cultivating Community and Innovation: Epoch's Employee Experience Roundtable Recap

At Epoch's latest roundtable, leaders in the Employee Experience space gathered to exchange insights, foster a supportive community, and push the boundaries of workplace culture. This session was rich with discussions on effective communication, creative engagement strategies, and the importance of inclusivity, showcasing the dynamic field of employee experience.

Innovative engagement strategies

The roundtable showcased several creative engagement initiatives that participants found successful. For example, during discussions about leveraging major events like the Olympics to boost engagement, one participant shared their approach to hosting "Minute to Win It" games. These games are quick, competitive challenges that employees can complete in one minute or less, designed to be fun and inclusive. This not only brought teams together but also added a fun, competitive edge to the workplace.

Another participant highlighted the use of Confetti, a platform that organizes corporate challenges and events. This platform has been instrumental in engaging teams through interactive themed activities. These examples illustrate the power of creative event planning in enhancing employee engagement and building a vibrant workplace culture.

Emphasizing inclusivity in communication

A key part of the discussion focused on the need for inclusivity in workplace communication. The group discussed moving from "all hands" meetings to "all staff" meetings to avoid ableist language. This change is part of an effort to make language in the workplace more inclusive, showing how small adjustments can contribute to a more welcoming environment.

Participants shared various language adjustments they had implemented to promote inclusivity, such as replacing "stand-up" meetings with "huddles." These discussions underscored the ongoing commitment to creating an environment where all employees feel valued and included.

Leveraging technology for global engagement

Technology's role in enhancing global employee engagement was another prominent theme. Participants discussed how apps and tools have facilitated better communication and event management across widespread teams. Continuous improvement and future planning.

Continuous improvement and future planning

The roundtable was not only a venue for sharing current best practices but also a forum for planning future trends in employee experience. The discussions highlighted the importance of continuous improvement and adaptation in the field. Participants expressed a keen interest in learning from one another and exploring new technologies and strategies to enhance their work.

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