Challenges in Event Planning 😓

Challenges in Event Planning 😓

Event planning is challenging due to logistics, scheduling, and budgets. It’s important for companies to host events and socials for their employees. This creates a stronger culture beyond work and allows employees to connect on a different level, driving employee experience. A recent survey was done by Epoch to understand what are were the main issues that during event planning. 

Driving Engagement 📈

67% of event planners responded that driving engagement was the biggest challenge. In a new era of virtual events or hybrid events, many feel the activities or employee events are not it. Companies need to deliver quality experiences and provide value for those attending the event. Understanding the audience is the first step to solving this issue. Attracting the correct audience can then relay the information to other co-workers and friends. This will give a greater incentive to book off the timeslot within their calendar as their friends and colleagues are also going

Planning Process 💭

The second most difficult challenge planners found is the planning process. The planning process is hard as you need to cater the event to everyone and ensure everyone is having a great time. There is a lot of focus on the content and material but, planners should let the attendees shape the event. 

Going off the rail is good! This means people are communicating with each other and creating new tasks, challenges, and materials for the event. Not going according to plan should be encouraged as this gives the best results

Another approach to event planning is by listening to the employees. Events are for employees, by listening to the audience, multiple ideas can be gathered and created. Hosting different types of events geared to different interests and energy levels ensures everyone feels welcomed and can increase engagement. 

Getting Feedback 📝

Feedback and information after the event are important. This will give results of the overall success of the event as well as what can be improved for future events. Sending an automated survey that is quick and easy after the event will ensure that feedback is requested. Epoch can help with that!

Another approach to getting feedback is asking employees and managers during the event. This in-person interaction provides a deeper understanding while also keeping it light.

Tracking No-Shows 🤔

People who RSVP but don't show up is the last challenge for many event planners. Many employees do wish to join and take part in events but last-minute things cause employees to miss the event they anticipated for. Hosts can set up a registration workflow to easily track attendees and no-shows.

Company events drive the employee experience, increasing productivity and connection with the organization’s culture and among employees. Epoch can help streamline the event planning process. Book a demo today!

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