Benefits of Live Learning 💡

Benefits of Live Learning 💡

3 Benefits of Live Learning 💡

Employees who experience skill-building and growth at work feel increased job satisfaction. In fact, 76% of employees surveyed in a study say that a company would be more appealing if they offered skills training.

While there are endless asynchronous⁠⁠—or self-paced—educational resources online, on sites like LinkedIn, Udemy, and Coursera, nothing beats live learning. Here are three reasons why you should offer real-time professional development sessions to your staff.

1. Increased Engagement 📈

  • Instructors can get participants excited about the topic through visuals, anecdotes, and fun demonstrations. 
  • Unlike learning from a pre-recorded video or readings, a live class allows participants to ask questions in real-time, creating a more in-depth learning experience.
  • Whether online or in-person, speakers can include activities and gamification in live sessions, increasing motivation amongst students to learn the content through friendly competition!

2. Creating Connections 💬

  • Course participants create social bonds. They may even discuss the material with each other outside of class, solidifying knowledge through peer interaction.
  • Connecting with an instructor is a networking opportunity with an industry professional

3. Ensure Program Participation and Completion 📝

  • Live classes require coordination. To ensure participation, schedule courses during work hours when everyone can attend.
  • When a course is live, attendance is imperative. Live learning is an excellent solution if your team is serious about learning new skills since it’s required they show up!

Learning workers are engaged workers, making professional development an essential part of a healthy work experience. Engagement, connection, and increased follow-through are just three ways live learning can benefit your employees. Check with your team to see what skills they want to learn to enhance their performance and professional growth!

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