5 Ways to Create Inclusive Hybrid Team Meetings 👨🏻‍💻

5 Ways to Create Inclusive Hybrid Team Meetings 👨🏻‍💻

With the increase in work from home and hybrid workforce. Creating a good working environment is important for everyone. This allows both hybrid and office users to feel welcomed into the company. 

Strong leadership 📢

Strong management is important, this person is the go-to person for any experience. Having one person manage the meeting can allow execution faster and more efficient. Team members can voice their concerns to the manager in situations they feel unwelcoming. This allows for new methods to be created, increasing participation on both sides. Another method that can be used is tracking time. Tracking time allows everyone to voice their opinions and engage in the meeting. Often times hybrid workers are overlooked, a good manager can help individuals voice their opinion. 

Sound checks 🎧

A virtual experience can be made or broken by its audio quality. To achieve the best sound quality, check your space. Many businesses are updating their tech to provide greater sound quality. Meanwhile, tell everyone to speak out, to be clear, and avoid side chats. Live transcription if it's hard to hear; many sites include this feature.

Sound is important to individuals taking the call, too. This allows everyone to direct their attention to the person talking. 

Remote buddy 🤝

There should be someone there to check in with and represent each virtual guest during the retreat. The friend might be a boss or a coworker. They can invite more remote attendees into the meeting to allow a shared experience. This buddy system also allows the individual to not feel peer pressured while on a call.

Encourage brainstorming process 💡

Brainstorming is a great way to allow everyone to engage with the topic. While whiteboards are important, they can be replaced with online resources like Figma. Using collaborative tools can allow virtual meetings to be meaningful and informative. This way both virtual and in-person attendees can engage without being left out. 

Consider visual inclusion 🙌

Encourage attendees to join the video chat if they all have laptops so that they may be seen but not heard. The experience for the remote workers may differ as a result. Remote attendees might want to change their perspective so they can see everyone. This allows remote participants to read body and face language, and not make them feel left out. 

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