5 Trends for Employee Engagement in 2023 👩‍💻

5 Trends for Employee Engagement in 2023 👩‍💻

As the workplace continues to change, new trends in employee engagement are emerging. Five trends we believe will be the most prevalent going into 2023 include:

  • Change management
  • The importance of core values
  • The future of work
  • Team-specific surveys
  • Real DEI (diversity, equity & inclusion) solutions 

These are needed to create an environment that engages and empowers employees in the organization.

1. Change management 🧩

Change management is a key trend in employee engagement. Global issues like the economy and COVID-19 have forced organizations to change. Change management involves understanding the impact of change on employees. Companies must help employees navigate these changes.

By communicating and supporting employees through change, they will be more accepting of the change and remain engaged in the workplace.

2. The importance of core values 📈

Organizations' core values must be aligned with the values of their employees. Qualtrics found that 54% of employees would take a pay cut to work at a company that has strong values. Employees are more engaged and loyal when they are driven by company values. In 2023, we believe employee experience will be linked to the core values of companies.

3. The future of work 🔮

The future of work is another important trend in employee engagement. As we continue to be in times of uncertainty, it is important that work environments are responsive to our changing needs. This includes accepting remote work is here to stay, and understanding that we will continue to see new ways of working throughout 2023.

4. Team-specific surveys 🤝

Team-specific surveys are a great way to engage employees on a more personal level. These surveys will help you understand what experiences different employees want, allowing you to host events that will be more engaging and impactful for a positive employee experience.

5. Real DEI solutions 🌐

There is a growing demand for real DEI solutions. Companies know the importance of creating an inclusive and equitable workplace. In 2023, we expect that DEI programs will go beyond buzzwords and setting diverse hiring goals, and look to have programming that will be action-oriented and measurable to strengthen retention, promotion, and equity for employees.

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