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How Toast used Epoch to unify culture and automate engagement in a global workforce



Toast employees on Epoch



of registered employees have participated in at least 1 event


average participants per month


Toast connects employees, operations, and guests on a reliable, easy-to-use platform so restaurateurs can stay one step ahead of a rapidly evolving hospitality market.



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Toast is dedicated to cultivating an employee culture that seamlessly brings individuals together.

Acknowledging the importance of a unified platform for employees to access a full view of engagement opportunities, Toast identified the need for a tool that serves as a singular source of truth. It also sought an easy-to-use tool to provide employees all available experiences and programs happening globally within the company. In addition, Toast wanted to reduce manual processes in event creation, and easily gather data on events to improve them for the future.


To unite employees across various time zones, have one source of truth for events and programming, and reduce manual processes in event creation and ease of reporting, Toast decided to leverage Epoch as a solution for automating their internal event-related processes.

Since implementing Epoch at Toast in 2023, there have been positive impacts:

  1. 94% of registered Toast employees have participated in at least 1 event posted on Epoch
  2. 90% of Toast employees have activated their Epoch account
  3. 2,198 average participants per month

Epoch's most notable features for Toast:

  1. The streamlined presentation of global events giving employees choice for what they participate in‍
  2. The simplicity of the platform that allows for ease of event creation; and
  3. Data and analytics on success of programs to improve programs for the future


Reduced manual processes

Toast now uses Epoch to automate their messaging so that their employees feel more empowered and have a better understanding of how they can promote their own events and make connections. Aligning with the fast pace of Toast, Epoch's design allows employees to receive information and make decisions quickly.

Sparking collaboration and innovation

Since working with Epoch, anecdotally Toast has seen an increase in conversations and collaboration among its workforce. Employees from different departments, roles, and levels have been sharing their creative ideas. With Epoch's user-friendly interface and enhanced connectivity, these ideas are not just discussed but brought to life. It has become a driving force behind transforming innovative concepts into actionable initiatives at Toast, making the work environment more dynamic for everyone involved.

Seamless partnership with Epoch’s Customer Experience team

The transition to using Epoch was smooth and hassle-free, thanks to the support provided by the Customer Experience team. Throughout the entire process, all inquiries were addressed promptly and comprehensively. Additionally, any required reports, data, or technical assistance needed, was provided to ensure a seamless transition for Toast.

Enhanced employee connectivity

Epoch has greatly contributed to Toast's centralization of event and programming information. Toast has been enabled to host a wide variety of events, ranging from fun and lighthearted gatherings to valuable learning opportunities. With Epoch's comprehensive visibility, individuals can easily access information about events happening at different locations and times, fostering a sense of unity and connection among people from various backgrounds and locations.

Note: Data points for this case study were collected between March 31, 2023 and December 31, 2023.

“[Epoch] has become our one source of truth for events and programs happening at Toast. I love the data and analytical element. It has already given me so much information to communicate to my team and senior leadership team about the things that Toasters are engaging with.”

Katherine Berman

Senior Manager of Onsite Amenities and Experiences at Toast

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