Employee Experience Symposium 2022 Handbook

During our inaugural Employee Experience Symposium, we brought together a highly curated group of 30 incredible experts within the rapidly growing employee experience space.

These 30 experts participated in an employee experience strategy workshop where they worked together to inquire, crowdsource, and co-develop their strategies for the future of work. This workshop was filled with thought leaders in the space which produced a high caliber of insights. To ensure that we capture all of this highly sought after information, we’ve developed this handbook to help guide us into the future of work.

To our employee experience experts: we hope this handbook reinvigorates the excitement and inspiration from the symposium, while also helping you recall the incredible ideas that you all developed! We can’t wait to hear about the strategies that you’ll be developing for your workplaces.

To those who weren’t at the symposium: we hope this handbook gives you a small glimpse into the minds of our incredible community of employee experience experts. We hope it provides you with some insights that can support your employee experience strategy, while providing you a little comfort knowing that you’re not alone in this growing industry!

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