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How Epoch boosted Miro’s sense of connection and co-creation



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Miro is an online workspace for innovation that enables distributed teams of any size to build the next big thing. The platform's infinite canvas enables teams to lead engaging workshops and meetings, design products, brainstorm ideas, and more.



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Miro aims to foster an employee culture that is as collaborative as its product. As in-person work shifted to being remote and the company began expanding globally, Miro recognized the need for a tool that could foster relationships and make Mironeers feel more connected. The People team at Miro found that employee events were an effective strategy to foster these connections.

Some of the challenges the team had in event planning included data collection and processing, and the amount of manual effort required for event planning.


To encourage innovative thinking and collaboration, Miro chose Epoch to facilitate the process of setting up events, streamlining communication, and measuring impact.

Since implementing Epoch into Miro a year ago, there have been various metrics that reflect the impact the platform has had:

  1. 98% of Mironeers using Epoch
  2. 100% unique participation
  3. 2,685 average participation per month
  4. 26,854 total participation
  5. 94% of Mironeers enjoyed Miro’s events
  6. 94% of Mironeers felt connected to their Hub community
  7. 96% of Mironeers felt like they were co-creating their Hub experience

Epoch's most notable features in the Mironeer lens:

  1. The visibility of employee attendance, satisfaction, and feedback;
  2. Its ability to create a sense of connection among employees; and
  3. The co-creation process that allows employees to create their events


Increased sense of connection

Miro strives to encourage participation across all teams and functions by implementing events geared toward everyone. In doing this, Mironeers are inspired to cross-collaborate between locations and functions, thus breaking down cross-functional silos. With Epoch, Mironeers have the flexibility to co-create events and share ideas seamlessly. This facilitated process allows Mironeers to focus on trying new things and making an impact in the community.

Increased support for ERGs

Miro supports 13+ employee resource groups (ERGs) that run on a volunteer basis. While ERG leaders are passionate about their causes, they also appreciate efficiency. Epoch is a useful platform for supporting ERGs because it provides a simple and easy framework for building events and tracking participation. Event creators can also easily obtain feedback and data to iterate for future events and justify the need for bigger budgets. By leveraging Epoch, ERGs can achieve their goals more efficiently by leaving time to focus on what matters most.

Reduced manual processes

Before Epoch, some of Miro's major pain points included data collection and processing and the amount of manual effort required for event planning. With Epoch, Miro can promote events and send automated announcements through various channels such as Slack, calendar, email, and newsletters, all in just a few simple steps. By streamlining events and communication, Epoch has eliminated these problems.

Improved feedback collection

As an organization committed to continuous iteration, Miro places great value on employee feedback. Epoch has facilitated the process for attendees to confirm participation, find and join events, and connect with other employees. The personalized feedback feature on Epoch has also been a game-changer, offering a flexible and seamless approach to data collection that enables insights from both employees and co-creators. Epoch has allowed Mironeers to connect, collaborate, and contribute in a simple and engaging way.

Seamless partnership with Epoch customer experience

At Miro, the implementation of Epoch was seamless. This left a lasting impression on Mironeers, who were impressed by Epoch's user-friendly interface. Throughout the process, the Epoch team consistently provided personalized and professional support to Miro. The Epoch team was praised for their positive, responsive, and supportive attitudes, which have been invaluable to Miro's success with Epoch.

"Epoch helps support our ERGs tremendously. It gives them a simple, easy framework to not just build events, but also track participation, feedback, and data to iterate for future events."

Sabrina Danilovich

Global Culture and Engagement Manager at Miro

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