Vendors for Employee Wellness Programs 🧘‍♀️

Vendors for Employee Wellness Programs 🧘‍♀️

One important factor that all companies should value is hosting wellness events and programs for their employees.

The benefits that come with providing wellness events for your employees include improving your employees mental health, productivity, and improving morale within the team. These events can be seen as a win-win for both employers and employees as they give everyone the chance to relax and improve their wellbeing, while also developing stronger connections with each other.

So let’s give your team the opportunity to relax with a variety of fun wellness programs! We have recently provided 5 Low Lift Wellness Activities for Employees, but now we want to provide a list of vendors for employee wellness programs that we think you and your team will enjoy!


Headspace, which is one of the most accessible providers of mental health and well-being care, is an online tool used to help improve individuals' health and happiness. Headspace has it all if you are looking for ways to change your life habits to support your mental and physical being. Here are a few topics from Headspace covers that could inspire a happier and healthier life for you and your team members: 

By providing positive resources for your employees to better manage their stress and improve their sleep, it will allow them to be more productive in the workplace. Many companies include a Headspace subscription under employees' wellness benefits to support healthy habits for their employees.

Event Idea: Host a Meditation Monday class that is lead by one of the Headspace sessions. To make this event hybrid-friendly, play the meditation session out loud for those in the office and for those at home provide them with link to the session.

Marka Health

This wellness program’s goal is to work with you and your team in joining their speciality Marka Health Programs. Marka Health provides a variety of wellness packages that you can sign up for! Each hybrid-friendly package includes different benefits and services that will be brought to your team and can be delivered by a specialist of your choice. Here are a few services that Marka Health provides:

  • One-On-One wellbeing sessions: 30-minute private meetings that give every member of your team the space to talk about health concerns and ask wellness-related questions.
  • Ergonomic Sessions: 15-minute hands-on assessments that happen desk-by-desk and include evaluations of office and equipment setup, individual workstation adjustments and suggestions for correcting posture to prevent pain and injury.
  • Group classes and Seminars: Movement- or discussion-based sessions that can range from yoga, strength training and group runs to talks about injury prevention, ergonomics and healthy living.

Event Idea: Plan an ergonomic workshop for employees hosted by Marka Health focused on working from home or working in the office. This workshop can focus on common work from home topics such as best practices for sitting at an office desk or 5 easy desk stretches.

Manifest House

Manifest House is a virtual well-being space that provides employees a time to focus on self-care. Their mission is to help individuals confidently improve all aspects of themselves through classes, workshops and soul care circles. Here are some examples of live events that they can provide your team in order to maintain a healthy and relaxing mental health:

Manifest House makes it easy to provide wellness programs for your employees as they offer private events and memberships customized to the needs of your team. Every offering is virtual and designed to help your employees feel their best.


Wellable is a platform that is designed to create a variety of wellness solutions for employees and teams. This platform provides employees with insights on what activities they can individually partake in, as well as tracking and monitoring their activity participation. Here are a few program add-ons that Wellable provides:

  • Health Content: Multimedia (webinars, text messages, flyers, and email newsletters) holistic wellness content that promotes timely and relevant health information.
  • On-Demand Classes: Unique employee benefit that features hundreds of fitness and meditation classes from top instructors across the globe.
  • Wellness Services: On-site and virtual services, such as fitness classes, seminars, and health coaching.
  • Thrive Accounts: Virtual marketplace where funds can be used on discounted wellness activities and services

Event Idea: Plan a Move More Challenge, which can be found on Wellable's list of Challenges to help motivate your employees to stretch and move through out their work days. Their services can help you and your team track the amount of movement done, which will then be converted into Wellable points.

Note: None of these vendors recommendations are sponsored. We have crowdsourced this list of vendors based on recommendations from our network.

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