[Webinar] Power Up New Hire Experiences with Tet at PagerDuty ✨

[Webinar] Power Up New Hire Experiences with Tet at PagerDuty ✨

We are back with our Webinar Series – Experts on Employee Experience! 🎉 It is a monthly webinar series where Jade Choy, Epoch's CEO, has conversations with leaders and innovators in the Employee Experience and engagement space.

In case you missed it, here are some key learnings and takeaways from our webinar featuring Tet Salva, Global New Hire Experiences + Onboarding at PagerDuty. View the full recording here. Scroll on for notes! 👇

Meet Tet 😊

With over 18 years of experience in organizational transformation and effectiveness, Tet (she/her) has worked for companies such as Asana, Workday, and PagerDuty. Her current role at PagerDuty involves overseeing Global New Hire Experiences and Onboarding, where she actively works to improve Employee Experience by breaking down silos cross-functionally. Tet is also a co-lead of SisterDuty, an Employee Resource Group (ERG) that empowers, supports, and advocates for women and those who identify as women in the workplace.

In addition to her professional career, Tet is a devoted caregiver to four daughters and a dog. She is also pursuing an advanced degree in clinical psychology with a focus on the workplace trauma and psychological well-being of women of color and caregivers in the workplace.

Webinar Topics 🎙️

The importance of onboarding 

Tet emphasizes how the Employee Experience is closely tied to customer experience. When employees are empowered to solve problems, have information readily available when they need it, and make their own decisions, they can provide more value to customers and strengthen those relationships. A positive Employee Experience can be fostered through communities and connections where employees are engaged and have a good support system. This helps the organization and employees work together to strive towards common goals. Tet also highlights the importance of providing an excellent onboarding experience to new hires, since it is their first view into the company and its culture. It is essential to provide them with a roadmap and intentional support to truly foster success throughout their time with the company.

Considerations for global new hire experience

PagerDuty has a large global footprint with offices across North America and in other parts of the globe such as - Chile, Sydney, Japan, London, and Lisbon. With that said, Tet shares the importance of having a global mindset. PagerDuty is currently working on localizing its content and creating localized welcoming videos featuring people speaking their native tongue with subtitles. The organization also has cultural playbooks which include guidelines that allow people to understand how to work with certain offices across the globe. By doing this, PagerDuty hopes to ensure that everyone feels welcomed and comfortable within the organization.

Return-to-office (RTO) considerations 

The topic of RTO is dependent on the organization's goals and employees’ preferences. Workers in the early stage of their careers have expressed a desire for in-person work because it provides exposure to the business environment, networking opportunities, and valuable learning experiences. On the other hand, employees who have been in the workforce longer may have other priorities such as caregiving responsibilities or accessibility concerns. Research suggests that people of color also prefer to work remotely to avoid microaggressions that can be amplified in an office setting. 

Tips and insights to revamp the new hire experience

PagerDuty is prioritizing professional development among employees to help them achieve their goals. Opportunities are available for employees to showcase their interests outside of their job descriptions, such as leading sessions on topics they are passionate about, allowing employees to improve their public speaking skills, and facilitating or co-facilitating sessions for the Dutonian new hire experience (that’s what they call PagerDuty employees). It’s worth noting that individuals may have diverse career goals and interests, which PagerDuty recognizes and supports by providing the opportunity to gain real-life experience in areas not limited to their job descriptions.

Interesting shifts in employee engagement 

  1. The need for flexibility: The current business landscape is demanding flexibility in terms of the working environment. Businesses need to be committed to adapting to changing times through remote, hybrid, and in-office environments. 
  2. Demand for more efficiency: Companies are looking for ways to be able to move more efficiently with their resources. PagerDuty is working towards bringing the WOW factor and fostering a sense of connection among its employees. 
  3. Increasing trends in wellbeing: There is a big focus on wellbeing. PagerDuty focuses on soft skills, or ‘human skills’ to foster and develop success in their organization.

Keeping employees engaged through popups

PagerDuty’s Employee Experience team hosts regular popups to facilitate connections between remote employees and those working across various hubs. These popups are held globally and are easy to join through the Slack marketplace (a channel where Dutonians can ask for help on a project) or town hall meetings. They offer valuable opportunities for team members to interact with one another and build relationships, creating a culture among the workforce where employees can reach out to one another and offer assistance.

Exciting new hire experience programs at PagerDuty

PagerDuty is excited to be incorporating the PD product for employee onboarding, and will facilitate the onboarding experience! This approach promotes employees to work more efficiently while using their own products. Also, cultivating positive behavior among employees and creating a positive customer experience for new hires.

Collecting feedback from employees

To PagerDuty, feedback is seen as a gift. This is why they have several platforms for employees and new hires to provide feedback. First, PagerDuty utilizes Slack channels where new hires are able to have a dialogue and can ask questions as well as provide feedback in their cohort-specific channels. Second, they’re currently revamping their feedback process by automating surveys that are sent out after onboarding sessions. PagerDuty is committed to being action-oriented by taking the top feedback from surveys and addressing them with leadership sponsorship, weaving them into the overall business goals. This adds a layer of accountability that ensures feedback is taken seriously at the company. And, by doing this, PagerDuty creates a culture where employees feel safe to share their opinions or concerns within the workplace.

Providing a DEI lens when thinking about RTO

Leaders must adopt an inclusive lens and perspective when considering RTO. According to Tet, flexibility is crucial since everyone has different circumstances. Caregivers, for instance, may prioritize less commute time, while a younger demographic may value in-office networking experiences. Moreover, it's critical to determine which roles require a physical presence in the office and which ones can be performed remotely. Offices should be leveraged as places to create community, so using them as collaboration spaces might be a good way to realize ROI (both for physical offices and employee time). Tet also emphasizes the importance of using Employee Resource Groups to gain diverse perspectives on employee preferences. At PagerDuty, the company aims to promote collaboration through hubs and offices while exploring tools to enhance engagement and connectivity.

Approaching leadership buy-in

The way Tet approaches leadership buy-in is through data. When a team requires new tools or resources, it is worth considering if other teams have similar needs. By expanding your search beyond your immediate circle, you can identify common pain points and work collaboratively to develop a value proposition that meets everyone's needs.

Helpful tools for inspiration and employee engagement 

  1. PYN
  2. EXcellent
  3. Qualtrics
  4. Gallup

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