[Webinar] Data-driven Employee Engagement Strategies

[Webinar] Data-driven Employee Engagement Strategies

We are back with our Webinar Series – Experts on Employee Experience! 🎉 It is a monthly webinar series where Jade Choy, Epoch's CEO, has conversations with leaders and innovators in the Employee Experience and engagement space.

In case you missed it, here are some key learnings and takeaways from our webinar featuring Sonia Rose from Pure Storage. View the full recording here. Scroll on for notes! 👇

How to go about establishing new EX team in an organization

Starting your journey into EX within an organization can be both exciting and challenging. One essential piece of advice that Sonia shares is to not stretch yourself too thin. She also recommends that as your team grows, focus on creating a mission and establishing how you support the company's priorities. This is critical for the success of your team. Moreover, make sure to establish your team's brand and market it early on, emphasizing what you're trying to achieve for the company. Leveraging platforms like LinkedIn can also help ensure your message reaches the right audience.

What does it mean to work in Employee Experience? 

Sonia highlights the fact that the mission and values of EX are intertwined with the culture and environment within an organization. She expresses that it is the job of the EX team to wow and delight employees every day, especially since they are spending a huge chunk of the day at the company. It’s not just about checking in and out, but about what you can do for them. 

Where does Sonia’s role fall under at Pure Storage?

Her role currently falls under Human Resources, but she has worked in similar positions where it can be found under Operations or within a specific division. The fact that companies now have dedicated positions for it is a significant step forward, emphasizing its growing importance.

Learnings from completing the Great Place to Work certification

Becoming a "Great Place to Work" certified organization means that a company truly cares about the employee experience. They survey their employees, gathering details about the company's practices, culture, and more. With data from thousands of companies, they compile the Fortune 100 list. Companies on this list are genuinely committed to creating a better environment for their employees.

Advice for folks in career transitions

For those in career transitions, Sonia underscores the importance of interviewing companies as much as they interview you. Always be prepared to ask questions, thoroughly research potential employers on LinkedIn, and inquire about their culture and how it aligns with your values. This will provide valuable insights into whether the organization is a good fit for you.

How to tell if companies align with their stated values

Sonia suggests critically looking at the entire candidate experience, from their website and job postings to the language they use. Throughout the hiring process, take notes on what could be improved, and never feel pressured to accept a job if you don't believe it aligns with your worth and values.

Exciting new events at Pure Storage

With Halloween coming up, Sonia shares that they have already launched their communications for upcoming events. After having a hard time during the pandemic with many companies putting their engagement activities on hold, it's exciting to be able to bring back these sorts of events.

What does an event look like in a hybrid company?

For hybrid companies, it's important to ensure that all employees can participate in events. Providing toolkits for office-based and remote workers allows everyone to get involved. Communication channels like Slack can also help build a sense of community, but it’s just as important to respect folks' preferences for participating in such events.

Major considerations before launching an event

When planning events, Sonia mentions the importance of having a global perspective. This includes understanding the nuances of different office locations and the cultural relevance of different events. Keep in mind that what works in one place might not work in another. She also stressed building trust and partnerships with managers in various locations as essential to success. 

How to effectively gather and analyze feedback 

Sonia shares that employee engagement surveys, conducted at least annually, are a valuable tool. After conducting these surveys, it's crucial to analyze results while the insights are fresh. This information might be challenging to digest at times, but it's all for the betterment of the company. When analyzing feedback, also consider the logistical challenges of implementation. Not everything can be scaled up, and some ideas may need to be shelved for future consideration.

The key to getting leadership buy-in 

Creating a pitch deck that aligns with your organization's goals and values is a great start, and this pitch can be as short as three slides. Be prepared to answer all questions and find influencers within the company who can help support your efforts. She also highlights that enthusiasm is contagious, and it can make all the difference in gaining leadership support.

Sonia’s perspective on working with budget constraints

In times when budgets are tight, it's an opportunity to reevaluate what's possible. Focus on high-impact, low-cost initiatives that employees value most. For example, Sonia has previously carried out giveaways that get everyone engaged without exceeding budget. 

Hacks and tips for supporting your role 

Leveraging AI tools like ChatGPT can be a game-changer. Sonia specifies that AI will be useful as long as you are feeding it detailed information of what you need from it. Think of it as an extension of your team, a valuable tool that can help you streamline your efforts. 

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