Vendor List Breakdown for Events 📋

Vendor List Breakdown for Events 📋

We have put together a list of vendors that we recommend for all of your event needs! Find vendors for company swag, employee recognition, employee gifts, and more!

🎁 Gift and Merchandises 🎁

1. Marine Layer

Marine Layer offers high-quality and comfortable custom clothing where companies can show off their brand on a premium canvas.

2. Jack Nadel International

Jack Nadel International is a go-to for company-branded merchandise. Customize just about anything and ship it anywhere! Great for company anniversaries, employee gifts, and special events.

3. Loop and Tie

Loop and Tie is a free platform where you can curate a collection of gifts for employees to browse and shop from. Enterprise solutions are also available.

4. Sendoso

Sendoso is a great way to send personalized gifts, branded swag, eGifts, Cameos, virtual experiences, and more!

5. Brand Aid

Brand Aid creates product collections that match your company’s brand and are tailored to your employees. If you are looking to send out employee gifts, they are able to create a storefront to display all products and handle all shipping logistics.

🏆 Employee Recognition and Rewards 🏆

1. Blueboard

Blueboard is an employee recognition and incentives platform powered by hand-curated experiences (both in-home and out in the world). Unlike cash or gift cards, experiential rewards are the best tool for motivating and engaging your employees, especially while we're working remotely.

2. Kudoboard

Kudoboard is an online tool to gather a group and send appreciation. Think of it like the greeting card that gets passed around and signed, but in a more fun and customizable group Ecard format. Great for welcoming new hires!

3. Bonusly

Bonusly is an engaging recognition and rewards platform that makes recognition easy and engaging, helping every team member feel that their work is valued.

4. is an employee recognition and incentive platform to help build a people culture. This platform provides social recognition, service awards, corporate discounts, and analytics.

5. Snappy

Snappy allows you to send your employee’s a gift and provides them the benefit of choosing what they want at the given price points. Only get charged for what you spend, and leave the logistics up to them!

6. Tango

Tango is a great way to send e-gift cards to your employees and allow them to choose from a selection of gift card options to customize their reward.

7. Espresa

Espresa is one of the best modern Rewards+ Recognition platforms that ensures employees feel valued for their work.

8. Airbnb Gift Cards

Offer Airbnb gift cards to reward employees for all of their hard work by gifting them an experience.

9. Motivosity

Motivosity is a peer-recognition software solution used by companies to improve employee engagement, company culture, and employee motivation.

10. Charity Vest

Charity Desk is a platform that promotes employee-driven social impact through corporate charitable giving.

11. Global Giving

Global Giving helps companies develop powerful corporate social responsibility, grantmaking, and employee engagement strategies. It’s a nonprofit that supports other nonprofits by connecting them to donors and companies.

🍴 Food and Drinks🍴

1. Drizly

Drizly is an alcohol e-Commerce platform that can deliver your team members’ favourite drinks, right to their door. The drinks are delivered to the majority of U.S. states within 60 minutes!

2. SnackMagic

Treat your global remote team with custom snack boxes from SnackMagic. Everyone on your team can fully customize their own snack stash to match their taste.

3. Uber Eats or DoorDash for Business

Uber Eats and DoorDash allows you to provide vouchers, credits, or order food for employees in their respective work environments

4. Caroo (Snacknation)

Previously known as Snacknation, Caroo allows you to send snack boxes to employees working remotely, in-office, or any individual/family.

5. Deliveroo

Deliveroo is a catering substitute to treat your teams and clients to local restaurants. Headquartered in London England, Deliveroo caters in 12 international markets including Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, UAE, UK, and more!

6. Instacart

Instacart is the world’s largest online grocery store where you can have groceries delivered to your door or your employees’ doors in an instant. They have even extended their offerings to also deliver common household items and office supplies as well.

🎉 Events and Activities 🎉

1. SongDivision

SongDivision helps to bring remote teams together using music. They are a global provider of interactive musical experiences to empower team members and promote a collaborative culture.

2. The Hike

The Hike is a software company that keeps your employees connected and is a fun way to spice up your current roster of virtual events. With Hike go on a mysterious virtual hiking adventure with your remote team and try to survive!

3. Donut

Donut makes it easy to give new hires a warm welcome by introducing them to onboarding buddies, lunch pals, and other teammates they need to know.

4. The Life Deck

Spice up your next virtual HH by incorporating the Life Deck. As a team, each individual would play a card and accomplish the given task as soon as possible. No one is allowed to take any other card until you have accomplished the task on the previous one. The fastest team to finish wins!

5. Paper Heart Puppets

Paper Heart Puppets is dedicated to sharing and expanding the art of puppetry. Paper Heart Puppet creates virtual shows and workshops that offer more than just more passive screen time. Every event and workshop was designed with attention to fun and creative engagement. Great as a kid-friendly activity, or for the whole family.

6. FitPros

FitPros is a workplace wellness tool that inspires others to uncover their highest health potential by motivating health and happiness through physical movement and mindful education where people spend the most time - at work!

7. Marco Experiences

Marco Experiences creates extraordinary virtual experiences to keep teams connected, employees engaged, and culture thriving. Categories for virtual experiences include: Drinks & Mixology, Food & Cooking, Fun & Games, Entertainment, Wellness, Arts & Crafts.

8. Black Outside

Black Outside has a mission to reconnect Black/ African-American youth to the outdoors through culturally relevant outdoor experiences. They seek to move the needle on diversity in the outdoors and ensure our youth have safe and equitable spaces outside.

9. Re-Entry Rocks

Re-Entry Rocks supports all women and non-binary people in their journeys to heal from their past and rebuild their lives. Our mission is to spread awareness and create societal and institutional change, by supporting returning citizens through strength-based, creative programming.

10. Cartoon Guru

Cartoon Guru is a great virtual activity to bring your team together and show appreciation with caricature drawings of each employee. A fun way to involve a global team and have a way of showing the whole team in one “photo”.

11. Gather Town

Gather Town is centered around fully customizable spaces, Gather makes spending time with your team members just as easy as real life (only recommended for small companies).

12. Sofar Sounds

Sofar Sounds helps to plan and execute intimate concerts and music events in unique spaces. They are able to accommodate virtual and in-person (when it is safe to do so) events.

🧰 Tools 🧰

1. Epoch

Epoch helps to centralize all of your internal events and communications in one place. Helps to also increase employee engagement by streamlining your internal programs and events. Easily centralize your company announcements, reminders, surveys, calendaring and reporting!

2. Zoom

Zoom is a video platform widely used by companies to host their daily standups, company meetings, events and webinars. Works for both internal employees and external guests.

3. Hopin

Hopin creates immersive virtual, hybrid, and in-person event experiences for your audience, no matter where they are.

4. Envoy

Envoy helps to make your workplace safe where employees can stay healthy and productive. With this workplace platform employees can reserve a desk, book rooms for collaboration, organize package pickup, and much more!

5. SpaceIQ

SpaceIQ offers space planning to help with the coordination and allocation of your office space based on your available floor plan.

6. Cameo

Cameo is a tool where you can get personalized video messages for your team from your favorite celebrities.

7. Meetaway

Meetaway is a virtual networking platform that helps to build real relationships through one-on-one conversations. Use this platform for speed one-on-one meetings to get to know your team members around the world on a deeper level.

8. VideoStream

Videostream is an app or extension that allows you to stream your favourite downloaded video on any Chromecast device instantly.

9. Slido

Slido is the ultimate tool to host better Q&A sessions, engage with your audience with polls, and gain insights on topics that resonate. This tool can be implemented in remote meetings, virtual events, all-hands meetings, conferences, and more.

10. Tettra

At Tettra, they’ve curated a collection of some of the most noteworthy culture decks in the business world to help inspire you.

11. Miro

Miro is an online collaborative whiteboard for remote teams. Using Miro’s templates, teams can stay connected and aligned.

12. Krisp

Krisp is a blog that showcases opinion pieces and helpful tools/tips for adjusting to a remote working environment and thriving while working from home.

13. Signal Fire

Signal Fire is a guide to remote work. The site includes 100 of the best tools and practices for remote work, hiring distributed teams, running a work from home company.

14. Remote Work Stash

Remote Work Stash is a platform that shares over 100 resources about remote work. Stash shares everything from blogs to jobs, podcasts, and communities.

15. Remote Work Encyclopedia

Remote Work Encyclopedia shares a plethora of resources and blogs that advise you and your team on how to navigate remote work. Topics covered include: your remote office, finding a remote job, and remote is here to stay.

16. Twist

Twist is a team communication platform that has compiled remote work guides about best practices for starting, managing, and scaling a remote team from the world’s most successful distributed companies.

17. Sparkle Spaces

Sparkle provides a space that powers the most immersive & interactive virtual events for your team. Host creative and unique virtual experiences that will engage and inspire everyone.

18. Mentimeter

Mentimeter helps you create interactive presentations & meetings, wherever you are. Use live polls, quizzes, word clouds, Q&As and more to get real-time input - regardless if you’re remote, hybrid or in-person.

19. ON24

The ON24 Digital Experience Platform enables businesses to convert customer engagement into revenue through interactive webinars, virtual events and multimedia content experiences.

20. Seed&Spark

Seed&Spark is a crowdfunding platform for films and storytelling. Many companies leverage their content for educational purposes and unique content to share with their employees and foster a vibrant conversation.

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