5 Tips for a Successful On-site ✅

5 Tips for a Successful On-site ✅

What is On-site vs Off-site? 💭

An on-site event is held at the site of the job, rather than somewhere else, for example the office. An Off-site event is the complete opposite, it occurs outside of the office as the goal is to get your team together away from your usual setting. Off-sites are often used to kick off projects and make quarterly plans as well 

What do you need to manage onsite attendees? 💬

In order to manage your onsite attendees, it is extremely important to collect as much information on your attendees as you can. The easiest way to do this is by having your attendees register online and onsite. This will provide you with each attendee’s details in an organized and simple manner. To ensure that your on-site is successful and all attendees have an amazing experience, consider the following 5 tips. 

1. Easy Entrance for Attendees 🤝

One important factor to consider is how your attendees will enter the on-site. Ensuring that you have security on site and only invited individuals are allowed to attend is important, however, this process may take a long amount of time and leave your attendees unhappy. It is important to remember that making your attendees wait in long lines to get into the onsite can be very frustrating and also leave a bad impression. Another important aspect to consider is if you have your office nearby, ensure that all staff have their badges and form of ID, so they can enter the building without any complications. The best way to avoid this is by having them register online before the event, as this will give you a clear and concise list of all confirmed attendees. 

2. Do you have everything you need? 📝

Before the on-site begins, ensure everything is organized and set up for success. Reference the list of confirmed attendees and confirm your venue has enough capacity for your on-site. Make sure you have all of the necessary materials to cater for your guests, and double check all of the tables, chairs and decorations are in the accurate places. Having a list of everything you need to double check before the on-site begins is a simple and effective way to make sure everything is ready to go. 


3. Reward the Attendees 🎁

One way to excite your guests is by including a gift bag for each attendee! Most event planners put together a package filled with their merchandise and other items. As everyone loves gifts, this small gesture of gifting your attendees, will make your event unforgettable and will definitely engage everyone even more! 

4. Keep it Interesting 🙌

Make sure your on-site isn’t too simple! Consider having smaller events occur, surrounding the main event. This ensures that attendees are surrounded by people and activities at all times! An exciting way to keep  your attendees interested and engaged is to set time aside for everyone to get a chance to chat and network. 

5. Fix Problems Quickly ⏰

It is expected to experience a couple mishaps during your on-site. However, it is important to do everything you can to be prepared for these obstacles. Make sure not to go into your on-site with the mindset that everything will go smoothly, this is not the case as no event goes completely as planned. In case something goes wrong, fix the issue as quickly as you can in an organized manner. It is important to ensure that your attendees aren’t distracted and disturbed, so be prepared and do your best to resolve any issues. 

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