Epoch Webinars: Epoch Live - Streamline Training Sessions with Epoch

Epoch Webinars: Epoch Live - Streamline Training Sessions with Epoch

We are back with our Epoch Live Webinar Series! 🎉 It is a monthly webinar series where Jade Choy, Epoch's CEO, and Keith Choy, Epoch’s COO guide you through the latest trends in the Employee Experience space and demonstrate how you can harness Epoch’s full potential.

In case you missed it, here are some key learnings and takeaways from this week’s  Epoch Live. Scroll on for notes! 👇

We’re excited to share that our new feature, multi-session events, has fully launched! This feature allows you to create an event series with multiple sessions that employees can register for in one click. You'll be able to simplify off-sites, onboarding programs, training sessions, and more. Read on for some quick tips to get you started and how this new feature will assist you with future events! 

Set up your sessions

When setting up your event, you'll now have the option to make it a multi-session event. Within the event series, you can personalize each session with its own unique title, description, date, time, and location.

The event settings extend to the entire series such as the guest list, questionnaires, feedback forms, and reminders, streamlining the management of your event.

See data all in one place

Once your event is published, you can go to the events insights page where you'll gain a comprehensive overview of information spanning across all sessions. This includes details on who has confirmed their attendance, the number of participants, and the specific time and location for each event.

Once your multi-session event is in progress, you will not have the ability to modify sessions that have already occurred. However, you are always able to add new sessions while the series is in progress, and any existing guests will be integrated into them

Get one-click confirmations 

When sending a Slack announcement, you can promote the entire series In Slack where employees can RSVP to the entire series with just a single click.

On the Discover page, our multi-session will have a badge that indicates that it's a multi-session event, and how many sessions are within the series. By clicking on the event page, you will see a full breakdown of the sessions. You can see the title, description, date and time, and location details. 

If someone happens to have a conflict with one of the sessions and needs to cancel, they can do so on the event page, or on the Google Calendar. If their schedule changes, they can always confirm back into the session.

Once an employee confirms into a multi-session event, they'll simultaneously receive calendar invites for all sessions at once.

How the multi-session feature can assist with employee events

1. Streamlined training sessions

Onboarding and Learning & Development teams can use Multi-session Events to conduct comprehensive training sessions with minimal planning stress.

Simplify the onboarding process and training programs by creating a series of sessions, each with its own unique details. This makes it effortless for employees to register for and track their training progress. It enhances the overall learning experience.

2. Efficient event management 

Event organizers can create and manage multi-session events efficiently, saving time and reducing administrative work by automating processes. 

With the ability to set up an entire series of events in one go, including guest lists, questionnaires, feedback forms, and reminders, event managers can focus on content and engagement rather than logistics.

3. Data Insights

Analytics and reporting teams can access a wealth of data for each multi-session event.

Gain insights into attendance, participant numbers, and session-specific details all in one place. This simplifies the process of assessing the effectiveness of these events and making data-driven decisions.

4. Easy RSVP

Employees can effortlessly confirm their attendance and manage their schedules.

With the one-click confirmation feature, employees can quickly RSVP for an entire event series, making it convenient for them to plan their participation in advance. The integration with Google Calendar ensures they always have up-to-date information.

5. Schedule management

Employees can adapt to changes in their schedules and preferences.

If a scheduling conflict arises, employees can easily cancel or reconfirm their attendance for individual sessions. This flexibility ensures that employees can engage fully with the events, even if their circumstances change.

Epoch’s Multi-session Events feature provides a holistic solution for organizations looking to enhance their employee engagement initiatives. Whether it's simplifying onboarding, creating seamless training programs, or improving event management, this feature is designed to empower your organization to create more engaging and efficient events. 

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