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Mental Health in the Workplace 🧠

Mental Health in the Workplace 🧠

May is Mental Health Awareness month. While it's essential to focus on the mental well-being of employees in the workplace over the coming weeks, make sure to instill long-term practices and policies that foster psychological wellness in your team every day of the year. 👥

The importance of prioritizing mental health at work is ever increasing. In 2019, Harvard Business Review conducted a study showing that 86 percent of survey respondents believed a company's culture should support mental health. Not surprisingly, with the weight of the pandemic, this number increased to 91 percent in 2021. 📈

When you support your employees' mental health, it benefits everyone. A decrease in employee burnout and improved employee retention rate and attendance are just a few reasons why prioritizing mental wellness in the workplace is essential. ✅

There are many ways to support your staff through workplace practices and external resources:

·   Wellness workshops that focus on topics like healthy eating, coping with workplace stress, and meditation 🧘‍♀️

·   Sessions with a counselor or therapist (see links for USA and Canada) 🗣

·   Subscriptions to wellness apps, like Calm Business and Fabulous for Work 📱

·   Group fitness activities (e.g., lunchtime running club) 🏃

·   Pets at work 🐶

·   Flexible work arrangements ⚖️

Ensure you provide your team with tools and resources for mental health success. Your organization will reap the benefits of a happier and more focused workforce! Plus, it's the right thing to do. 🙌

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