Kids-Friendly Activities 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

Kids-Friendly Activities 👨‍👨‍👧‍👦

With many employees continuing to work from home, all parents are trying to balance having kids at home while working.  

We wanted to share a list of fun and engaging kids-centric activities that companies we work with have been hosting and offering to support parents. This allows space for employees with kids to have a break, focus on other tasks and/or engage in something fun with their families!

A few companies also split up activities by age groups (i.e. one Zoom session is for 3-5 year olds and another one is for kids aged 6-10).

Kid-friendly Scavenger Hunt 🗝️

Create a list for parents to print out and share with their kids!

Reading Show 📗

Bring a team together and have someone read a short story, poem or an excerpt from their favourite book! Soothing librarian voice encouraged, but not required.

Mad Libs 👄

Send out Mad Libs for people to fill out on their own, as a team or with their kids!

Kiddie Lunch Club 🍱

Intentionally make  time and space for everyone to have their lunchtime to be with loved ones, family and/or quiet time to themselves. Communicate to all employees that this is encouraged.

For employees with kids, this is a great way to support everyone’s family time

Virtual Clubhouse 🌋

The Boys and Girls Club has created their own content to keep kids engaged and active while their parents are at work. Videos range from meditation exercises, arts and crafts to kid friendly work outs and experiments.

Show and Tell 🤖

Schedule a call with everyone with kids to “show and tell” their favourite items! Kids can also take a photo of their item and share it on Slack/Teams (your assistance might be needed) with a quick explanation.  

Colour Together 🖍️

Use a colouring page generator and share with parents at your company! Afterwards, organize a group video call to have everyone show-off their colouring skills or share on Slack/Teams channel.

Magician for Kids 🎩

Support parents who have kids (while working from home) by hiring a magician to perform for a group to participate over a video call together.

We are continuously updating this list!
If you have ideas you’d like to share or have questions, we’re always available:

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