Month of Events - June 2021 🌈

Month of Events - June 2021 🌈

Explore the special days and themes for the month of June!

This calendar is a guide for you and your team to use as you plan meaningful, internal events and activities virtually for the month of June. Bring everyone together this month to focus on celebrating Pride.

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Month Themes: Pride 🌈

June 12 - Loving Day ❤️

Loving Day is an annual celebration that marks the day that the United States Supreme Court struck down all bans against interracial marriage. The name of this day comes from the interracial couple that was at the center of it all in 1967, Richard and Mildred Loving. This day is an opportunity for everyone to learn about racial injustice and educate teams on this topic. There are also many movements and organizations to support and donate to that are fighting against injustice.

June 13 - Race Unity Day 💫

This day in June, also known as Race Amity Day, helps to raise awareness and the importance of racial harmony and understanding. To become more educated on this topic, there are many resources like podcasts and videos where individuals share their first-hand experience and how individuals can support this movement.

June 18 - Picnic Day ⛱

Summer is almost here! Picnic Day is the perfect day to get everyone on your team to have a picnic lunch either in their backyard or a local park (while maintaining social distance). Everyone can get creative with the food they make for the picnic and kids can join in on the fun too.

Idea: Here is a list of 60 kid-friendly picnic food ideas to make together. Turn this into an activity for the whole family and you can even run a cooking event before the picnic to prep all of the picnic foods together virtually. 

Idea: Or create a Slack or Teams channel and encourage employees to take pictures of their picnics and share them! You can also send employees who want to participate Uber Eats or Instacart gift cards.

June 19 - Juneteenth 🙌🏾

Juneteenth celebrates and marks the ending of slavery in the United States on June 19, 1865. There are many activities for Juneteenth in the past that still continue to this day such as fishing, barbequing, and baseball. A large focus of Juneteenth is on the education of this topic and self-improvement. Along with this, promoting the knowledge and appreciation of African American history and culture is also very important. 

Idea: To honor this day, host a virtual panel of guest speakers to educate your entire team on this topic, recount the history, and celebrate the culture. Open up a Q&A session afterward to give employees the chance to get involved and start a conversation.

Idea: Create a virtual team fundraiser or encourage employee donations towards organizations that celebrate Juneteenth and support the Black Lives Matter movement. Here is a list of organizations and charities to look into, to support them on their mission.

June 20 - Father’s Day 👨‍👧‍👦

On this special day, it’s a time to celebrate the fathers and fatherly figures in your life and show appreciation. This is a great opportunity to also get the children of your team’s working Dads involved in creating fun and loving crafts or cards to make for them. 

Idea: Offer kid-friendly crafting events to teach them how to make a handmade card for father’s day. Another option is to send out a little gift or care package to all the Dads on your team to celebrate them!

June 20 - First Day of Summer🍦

The first day of summer is always an exciting time as the weather is getting warmer and more time can be spent outside doing summer activities. Encourage your team to get outdoors on this day to enjoy the warm weather and maybe even enjoy a cold summer treat! 

Idea: Get employees to share how they spent their first day of summer on Slack.

June 25 - Take Your Dog to Work Day 🐶

The good thing about working from home is that you get to bring your dog to work every day! But on this day in particular, why not show off your dog in your home office (hard at work of course). 

Idea: Get your whole team to post their dogs in their office on a Slack channel (#fuzzyfriends or #petlove) and you could even send the dogs of the team a little treat to get their tails wagging.

The month of June is globally known and celebrated as Pride month. 🌈

This month-long theme originated in the United States, but now in present-day countries all over the world run Pride events and parades annually in June. Pride month is celebrated in June as it pays tribute to those who were involved in the Stonewall riots on June 28, 1969. The first official Pride Parade took place in New York, 1970. 

Pride month is a time where everyone can celebrate and embrace who they are and let the rainbow flags fly high. Celebrate Pride month this June by participating in Pride activities, join a parade march, dress in rainbow colors, put up a Pride flag, learn about the history, and support one another. 

Here is a full list of ideas on how to (virtually) celebrate Pride next month!

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