International Youth Day 🙌

International Youth Day 🙌

When is International Youth Day? 🗓

International Youth Day is an annual holiday celebrated every August in both Canada and the United States! More specifically, International Youth Day occurs on August 12th, so mark your calendars! The main purpose of this special day is to raise awareness to a specific set of cultural and legal issues surrounding youth. 

What is International Youth Day? 💭

International Youth Day is an awareness day appointed by the United Nations. This holiday was created to bring youth issues to the attention of the international community, celebrate the idea of youth partners in today’s global society and give opportunity to mainstream young peoples’ voices and initiatives. 

This special day started in 1965 when the United Nations General Assembly made a united effort to impact the youth. They devoted time and resources to delegate the youth and offered up-and-coming leaders necessary resources. On December 17, 1999 the UN General Assembly acknowledged the recommendation made by the World Conference of Ministers Responsible for Youth, and International Youth Day was created. The first time it was ever celebrated was on August 12, 2000, and has been an important day used to educate society, ever since. 

International Youth Day engages young individuals and aims to promote various initiatives that will provide them with opportunities. The youth of our society face many different challenges and young people living in developing and developed countries are more prone to facing both mental and social challenges. Each year, a theme is selected based on the relevant issues youth are facing. This year the theme is Intergenerational Solidarity: Creating a World for All Ages. Through better understanding of the various obstacles within youth development, changes can be implemented effectively. 

How to Celebrate International Youth Day with your Team in 2022 🎉

Yoga for Kids ⭐️

The perfect way to get excited and active for International Youth Day is to take part in a yoga session that’s open to all ages! Have an experienced employee or a kid-friendly yoga instructor to lead the class! Set up a virtual yoga class for kids with fun music to get the kids excited and active!

Youth Icons 🙌

Gather the working parents and their children or little ones in their lives and share your favorite youth icons and why they are significant, why inspire you and how they've impacted your life, as there are many people in this world who have influenced society. 

History of International Youth Day 📚

To spread awareness on what International Youth Day is all about, gather your team and their children and organize a simple and effective presentation about how this special day came to be and the purpose of it! As this presentation is fairly simply, it can be organized by an individual on your team!

Share Youth Day Quotes 🗣

A simple and meaningful way to celebrate International Youth Day is to research your favorite quotes and share them with your peers. Gather in groups with your team and take turns going around, sharing your favorite quotes that mean something to you and why. 

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